Nadal Out Of The 2014 US Open With A Wrist Injury

Nadal Out Of The 2014 US Open With A Wrist Injury

The 2014 U.S. Open has commenced today and I look forward to watching as many matches as possible. Unfortunately, one of my favorite players to watch Rafael Nadal, last year’s reigning champion, has pulled out of the tournament with a wrist injury.

Wrist injuries are common in Tennis because of all the wrist action when hitting. Many players have to undergo wrist surgery or stay away from tournaments until their wrists heal. In life too, it is easy to acquire a wrist injury because of how much this joint is used. Tendonitis is an extremely common wrist injury and those that suffer arthritis in the wrist can experience disability and pain as well.

If chronic arthritis and tendonitis in the wrist are left untreated, they can become bad enough to warrant surgery but fortunately a new option is available that can possibly prevent this need for surgery. At Cross Bay PMR, the Queens Center for Regenerative Medicine, we focus specifically on healing wrist injuries without surgery.

In our office, we use Stem Cell Therapy for the wrist and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for the wrist, which are part of the Regenerative Medicine movement, to heal hand and wrist injuries such as DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis, wrist and hand joint arthritis, and wrist and hand tendonitis. Both are non-surgical and non-controversial because they use the body’s own healing properties to stimulate accelerated growth.

Athletes are using Regenerative Medicine to quickly recover from injury and get back to their sports as quickly as possible. For example, just this past month, Yankee Pitcher Mashiro Tanaka received PRP therapy for the elbow. If this treatment was not available, he would have had to immediately undergo surgery.

If you have chronic wrist pain and are thinking about surgery, one should exhaust all options beforehand and Regenerative Medicine has a proven track record to help heal damaged wrists and help people avoid surgery.

Regenerative Medicine works like this. In Stem Cell Therapy, non controversial adult stem cells are taken from either the bone marrow or fat cells (not animals or embryos) and injected into the injured area. The job of these stem cells is to regrow healthy tissue, which is their normal job in the body. Platelet Rich Plasma utilizes the platelets in one’s blood to heal injury. These are the same platelets that heal cuts and wounds by producing scabs.

In essence, Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy are tools that boost the body’s ability to heal itself and since the body now has extra tools to “repair” itself, the injury can be healed and surgery is no longer necessary. One can go back to daily activity injury free.

While results are not and can never be guaranteed, Regenerative Medicine has a proven track record to heal chronic wrist injuries and prevent surgery. Dr. Benjamin Bieber at Cross Bay PMR, located in Howard Beach, Queens has extensive experience using Regenerative Medicine to heal wrist injuries. Call 718-835-0100 and schedule a consultation today!

If you live outside of the area of Long Island, Queens, and New York, we can easily recommend to you hotel and flight accommodations. Call 718-835-0100 today for a consultation with Dr. Bieber.

By Benjamin Bieber

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