Stem Cell Injection

Stem Cell Pain Relief

Stem Cells are a buzz word in modern medicine because they naturally increase the body's ability to heal. Using a stem cell injection, it is possible to create new healthy tissue to replace damaged, injured tissue and thereby, gain mobility, repair the injury, and diminish pain.

The stem cells in orthopedic medicine are non-controversial. They are not the same stem cells that you hear about in the news, which involve animals or fetuses. In fact, stem cells are everywhere in a person’s body and have a vital function to maintain and progress life.

Stem Cells are ‘neutral cells’ able to transform into any type of tissue the body at the time to repair itself. If one has a knee injury, stem cells in that area transform themselves into healthy tissue cells. Often, when a severe injury occurs or one is managing a chronic medical condition, there aren’t enough stem cells to continuously foster new tissue growth and quickly or fully complete a recovery.

This is where Stem Cell Therapy comes in! By adding a boost of stem cells to the injured area, the body physically has more of the tools it needs to create healthy tissue repairing muscles tears and other progressive damage. This is what we do at Cross Bay PMR.

Repair Injuries And Chronic Medical Conditions

Dr. Benjamin Bieber is a leader in Stem Cell medicine in New York and after treating tens of thousands of patients, Dr. Bieber is confident that Stem Cell Therapy is the most effective non-surgical treatment to repair serious orthopedic injuries and often times significantly decrease pain and prevent the need for surgery. It also lessens the chances of long-term complications resulting from the injury like stiffness, soreness, and immobility.

Stem Cell Therapy is non-surgical and because of this, has tremendous advantages. Being organic, it is a safe, low-risk procedure. The stem cells come from the patient’s own body. There are no hospital visits, overnight stays, or any type of invasive incisions. It is a simple injection. The procedure lasts around 3 hours and then you are free to continue with the rest of the day’s activities.

One of the many benefits of Stem Cell therapy is that the stem cells continue to repair tissue long after the injection concludes. Once the treatment is finished, stem cells do their job continuously for many months repairing the injury ensuring a greater possibility of full recovery. In more serious cases, an additional injection may be necessary.

Most of our patients are surprised and amazed at how much better they feel after just 2-4 weeks when a large percentage of their pain has disappeared.

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Stem Cell Therapy has a high success rate to repair serious and chronic injuries and reduce significant pain. Cross Bay PMR is located in Howard Beach, Queens, New York.

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