• Arthritis 
  • Rotator Cuff Tears
  • Rotator Cuff Tendinitis
  • Recurrent Shoulder Dislocations   
  • Glenoid Labrum Tears or Degeneration 

Stem Cell Therapy:  The Future Of Shoulder Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy helps many different shoulder conditions, alleviating pain, healing injury, and potentially preventing the need for surgery.  In orthopedic medicine, stem cell therapy is able to treat shoulder injuries without the cost, risks, and long-term painful rehabilation associated with surgery.  Many of my patients are finding that after a stem cell injection, the amount of pain they regulary experience is drastically decreased. 

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell Therapy adds a boost of stem cells to one's damaged shoulder and these stem cells actively work to repair the shoulder.  Stem cells are everywhere in the body and act as the body's "repairman".  Whenever someone sustains an injury or parts of the body break down, such as when muscles, ligaments, and tendons degenerate in daily life, stem cells transform into the type of cell that the body needs to heal itself, growing new healthy tissue. 

Often, when someone sustains a serious injury, there aren't enough stem cells to restore damaged tissue and create enough healthy tissue to repair the injury.  This is where we come in!  By adding new stem cells, taken from the patient's own fat tissue, we give the shoulder new tools to heal itself, more stem cells that can create healthy tissue.  

As a result, many patients find a significant decrease in pain, increase in mobility, and often Stem Cell Therapy acts as a catalyst to heal the injury completely.  

Are There Any Risks?  

There is very little risk to a stem cell injection because it is an organicm non-surgical, and non-invasive procedure.  

Stem Cell Therapy

  • Blood Clots: No
  • Dislocations: No
  • Foreign Prosthetic: No
  • Fractures: No
  • Hospital Stay: No
  • Infection: Unlikely
  • Joint Stiffening: No
  • Lost Time at Work: No
  • Prosthetic Breakdown: No
  • Recovery: Back to Normal Activities  1-3 days
  • Re-Surgery: No

Shoulder Surgery

  • Blood Clots: Possible
  • Dislocations: Possible
  • Foreign Prosthetic: Yes
  • Fractures: Possible
  • Hospital Stay: 3-10 days
  • Infection: Possible
  • Joint Stiffening: Possible
  • Lost Time at Work: 3 months- 1year
  • Prosthetic Breakdown: Yes
  • Recovery: 6 Months to a Year  Slow Process
  • Re-Surgery: Possible – Very Likely

For Rotator Cuff Injuries

The shoulder is an amazing ball and socket joint and the most mobile joint in the body.  Because of its complexity, shoulder surgery is understandingly difficult.  Rotator cuff injuries are some of the most common injuries of the body but of over 40,000 Rotator Cuff tear surgeries each year, only 6 out of 10 are successful due to the complexity of the shoulder joint.

The reason for this is simple as any injury deals with you not having enough stem cells to repair the damaged muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  It makes sense then that invasive shoulder surgery, where tendons and capsules are cut and stitched, further harming your shoulder, cannot possibly provide you with enough of the stem cells that you need to repair the damage from the surgery and all the damaged tissue from the injury.  

An injection of stem cells to your shoulder can vastly accelerate your shoulder's healing response increasing your chance of bypassing the need for surgery. 

What Happens During The Procedure?

This procedure is extremely simple and straight forward.  There are no hosptial visits or overnight stays.  After your Stem Cell Therapy session, you will be able to walk out of our office and continue with normal but restful activities.  

Firstly, you'll book an initial consultation with Dr. Bieber, where he will examine your shoulder, go over your previous history, and study any previous tests done by other doctors.  Next, you'll set up an appointment for your actual Stem Cell Therapy session.  During Stem Cell Therapy, Dr. Bieber will then take a sample of fat tissue that contains the stem cells using a special injection technique.  Next, the stem cells will be separated from the fat tissue and injected into the damaged shoulder. 

The procedure takes about 3 hours to complete.  You may see initial improvement within a couple of days and then gradual improvement as the stem cells continue to grow healthy tissue and replace old, damaged tissue.  

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