Prolozone Therapy - Free Yourself From Chronic Pain


Prolozone Therapy is a permanent treatment for chronic pain.  It is natural, non-surgical, and healthy.  Ozone is an energized form of oxygen, the second most powerful sterilizer in the world used to destroy viruses and bacteria.  Most people know ozone in regards to the “ozone layer” that circles the earth.  Ozone (O3) has one extra atom of oxygen than the normal two atoms that we breathe.  In short, this natural compound is used throughout nature and benefits mankind.


One of the most essential tools used by the body to heal itself is to oxygenate the body and damaged tissue.  In Prolozone Therapy, we are further oxygenating damaged tissue in structured and stimulated healing process.  During treatment, first, a homeopathic medication is applied to the injury to relieve inflammation.  Next, the area is treated with vitamins and minerals excellent for healing and finally, ozone is applied to oxygenate damaged tissue.


This process mimics the body’s conventional method of healing but amplifies the healing response.  The success rate for the treatment is incredibly high in it’s ability to permanently heal a wide range of injuries from chronic neck and back pain to Arthritis, tendon tears, and ligament tears.  There is a 75% chance that Prolozone therapy can help the patient become permanently pain free because it actually corrects the pathology of the disorder.


Safe Alternative To Surgery


As a physician with over three decades of experience, it is one of the most powerful treatments that I’ve witnessed to non-surgically cure chronic Orthopedic injury and disease.  Prolozone stops the constant pain/inflammation cycle and repairs lax structures such as partially torn ligaments.  Further, the application of ozone improves circulation allowing for increased carrying of nutrition and hydration to damaged tissues.  In this new environment, the injured tissue has a much better chance of healing.


Orthopedic Medicine is moving more and more toward non-surgical treatment and there are now a range of non-surgical treatments effective at healing a wide range of injuries that once needed surgery.  Some of these treatments included Stem Cell Therapy, PRP Therapy, and now Prolozone Therapy.  It is now possible to treat severe injuries and medical conditions homeopathic, naturally occurring cells and compounds.    


I am confident that I can find a treatment that give provide you success in healing your injury, relieve your pain, and provide you with normal, pain-free movement.  Call (212) 268-8181 and schedule your consultation today.


Prolozone Therapy: Freedom From Pain


Prolozone is a natural treatment that applies homeopathic oxygenation to damaged tissue.  It is like pumping damaged tissue with oxygen so the cells can breathe and repair themselves.  This is an incredible treatment because there is a 75% chance that the pain sufferer will become permanently pain free.  Prolozone treats a wide range of injuries from chronic neck and back pain to Arthritis to tendon and ligament tears.


One main reason why some injuries heal and others don’t has to do with circulation.  A damaged area must have critical elements such as vitamins, minerals, and oxygen to heal and regenerate healthy tissue.   Out of all of these, oxygen is by far the most important.


Prolozone oxygenates damaged tissue.  In a three step process, Prolozone repairs injury.  First, a homeopathic medicine is applied to reduce inflammation and swelling, which increases the circulation of the blood.  Next, the area is treated with specific vitamins and minerals that are excellent for healing.  Finally, the area is infiltrated with oxygen in the form of ozone and the damaged tissue gets exactly what it needs to heal.  Most people are completely healed within 3-5 treatments.


Prolozone vs. Prolotherapy


Prolozone is not Prolotherapy, another popular and effective treatment, though Dr. Bieber has found that Prolozone is more effective than Prolotherapy for the following reasons.  First, Prolotherapy is a painful treatment and this pain can persist for days after the treatment.  Patients that receive Prolozone often feel an immediate improvement with very little pain at all during the treatment.


Prolotherapy requires many injections while Prolozone requires only a few making is after and less expensive.  Also, Prolozone is more effective in regenerating healthy cartilage tissue in damaged knees and hips making this treatment much better for patients with Arthritis.  This treatment even works for severe osteoarthritis and is not just a treatment for pain but can be a permanent fix.


There are many conditions that can be treated with Prolozone therapy and often, Prolozone therapy can be used as a safe and effective alternative to many different types of surgery.  This treatment has a high success rate to repair a wide range of injuries and significantly reduce pain and immobility.


Your pain doesn’t have to last forever.  Call (212) 268-8181 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bieber.

Arthritis Treatment W/ Stem Cells 


Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis in the knee causes chronic pain and disability.  In severe cases, where bone-on-bone friction is paramount, doctors recommend joint replacement surgery.  Whether or not someone has recommended surgery to you, it is possible to reverse knee arthritis, relieve significant pain and inflammation, and drastically improve mobility through non-surgical Stem Cell Therapy.


Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Arthritis actually adds new cartilage to the joint, which can act as a “shock absorber” protecting your from and removing bone-on-bone friction.  Stem Cells are located everywhere in a person’s body and constant regenerate to various types of tissue such as muscle, ligament, tendon, and organ tissue.  Stem cells can transform into cartilage tissue when applied to your knee and as such, reverse the degenerative process of Arthritis.


In a chronic condition such as Arthritis, stem cells run out.  The stem cells in the knee get used up and the condition of Arthritis continues to break down cartilage tissue.  By adding a new boost of stem cells to the knee, cartilage will be created to help your knee function and eliminate significant pain.


You will feel tremendously better after Stem Cell Therapy.  There is a high success rate to improve knee arthritis such that surgery can be avoided.  Even if surgery is still required, a stem cell treatment will improve the success rate of the surgery by providing you a healthier knee.


Avoid Knee Surgery


Knee surgery is risky and invasive and often comes with unforeseen complications.  It is best to receive a second opinion and know all of non-surgical options before agreeing to surgery.  You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. at Cross Bay PMR.


Dr. Bieber derives stem cells from either the bone marrow or fat tissue of the patient depending on the severity of the Arthritis.  Once harvested, these stem cells are placed within the knee using ultrasound guidance, an imaging system that allows Dr. Bieber to see the optimal place to apply your stem cells.  There are no hospital visits or overnight stays.  This simple procedure is performed via a special injection technique and once completed, you are free to go home and do normal but restful activity.


The healing process of the stem cells aligns naturally with the healing process of the body and you will likely experience results within several weeks of the treatment.  Call (212) 268-8181 and schedule your consultation.

Repair Your Shoulder Without Surgery


You may not need surgery for your shoulder condition, whether it’s an injury like a Rotator Cuff tear or a chronic medical condition like Arthritis.  You can utilize the power of stem cells to regenerate healthy tissue and replace and repair damaged cell tissue.


The human body is made up of billions of specialized cells that transform into a diverse range of tissue from organ tissue to muscle tissue and these cells are now being applied to shoulder injuries to heal injuries that once required surgery.


Stem Cell Therapy is performed by me, Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. at my New York City office.  It is a non-surgical treatment requiring only a simple injection.  Importantly, this treatment is all-natural.  It applies cells that only come from the patient’s own body.  Stem cells are derived from either the patient’s fat tissue or bone marrow and them immediately placed within the shoulder.


Stem Cells are extremely powerful.  They are able to transform into many different types of tissue and replaced current damage tissue so that function of the shoulder can return.  Everyone from professional athletes to aging adults are choosing Stem Cell Therapy as an effective and safe alternative to surgery.


Natural Non-Surgical Treatment

The path of healing after a Stem Cell treatment for a shoulder injury aligns with the body’s own healing process.  The results of treatment may not be noticeable at first but often, patients begin to notice an improvement after about three weeks.  Their will often be reduced pain and improved mobility.  Stem cells continue to heal shoulder tissue from this point on for many more months so while an initial improvement is experienced, there is also a gradual healing response as well.


This type of healing process is vastly different than after surgery where patients have to endure several months of intense and often painful physical therapy.  Surgery is invasive and risky actually further damages the shoulder before healing begins.  Even after surgery, some patients experience chronic weakness, pain, stiffness for the rest of their life.  It is beneficial to seek out and try a non-surgical option first before deciding on shoulder surgery.


Stem Cell Therapy has a high success rate to repair shoulder damage leading to pain relief and significant improvement in mobility.  Medicine is moving toward a non-surgical approach to treating Orthopedic injuries and this line of treatment is better for the patient.  The best thing you can do is set up an initial consultation with me, where I can review your case, examine your shoulder, and make a recommendation for the best non-surgical treatment to move forward.


Call (212) 268-8181 and schedule your consultation.

Repair Severe Foot Conditions Without Surgery

Sometimes, a foot condition doesn’t seem to heal or you are recommended to go for invasive surgery.  Fortunately, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP Therapy for the foot and/or ankle provides a safe and effective alternative to surgery or a way to speed up the recovery process.  

Various foot problems can be difficult to heal such as ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, and foot/ankle arthritis.  Each of the problems will benefit from PRP Therapy because you can physically repair damaged tissue with this non-surgical treatment. 

For example, in the case of foot/ankle arthritis, bone-on-bone friction within the joint occurs due to a lack of cartilage.  Cartilage acts as a “shock absorber” to absorb friction during movement.  Without cartilage, the bones bump and rub against each other causing pain, inflammation, and disability.  

PRP Therapy is able to physically repair damage cartilage to provide you additional healthy cartilage and as such, you may be able to avoid joint replacement surgery.  For more severe cases, we offer Stem Cell Therapy, which not only repairs cartilage but also adds new cartilage to the joint.  During your initial consultation, we can discuss which option will work best for you.  

Recover From Chronic Foot Injuries

In cases of injury like chronic ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis, PRP Therapy repairs damaged tissue accelerating the time of recovery or even making the recovery possible.  For example, some people suffer with long-term plantar fasciitis.  The reason this plantar fasciitis does not heal is often because their is a small tear in the plantar fascia band preventing healing.  Anytime someone walks around the small tear gets worse or stays the same allowing zero room for healing.  This is one reason why plantar fasciitis can lasts many months and be helped by conservative physical therapy. 

PRP Therapy repairs the small tear by repairing the cell tissue damage.  Once the small tear heals, the plantar fascia band will have a much easier time healing and people find that their case quickly resolves.  

PRP Therapy is a natural treatment made from he platelets found in the patient’s own body.  The platelets in PRP are derived through a simple blood sample and then formed into a dense platelet rich plasma containing a vast amount of growth factors.  These growth factors are a powerful healing property within the body used every day to heal cells and tissue in the body.  When applied to injury, they do an excellent job at healing tissue and as a result, much pain, inflammation, and immobility disappears. 

It is possible to heal a severe foot injury non-surgically.  Call (212) 268-8181 and schedule your consultation with me, Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D.

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