PRP Facial

A PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Facial is a remarkable and new non-surgical approach to facial skin rejuvenation. 

PRP Facials accomplish several tasks.

  • Relieves tired eyes
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Reverses the signs of aging
  • Treats acne scarring

How Does a PRP Facia Work?

Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to regenerate facial tissue.  PRP is an organic plasma with a concentration of platelets taken from one's own blood and containing over 30 growth factors.  This plasma, filled with regenerative healing properties, is then, with a precise procedure, injected into the face.

A needling technique in the PRP Facial procedure creates an immune response by your body to stimulate platelets, growth factors, fibroblasts, collagen, and elastin to all serve to regenerate one’s facial tissue.  New collagen forms around six weeks after and this collagen induction treats acne scarring and reverses the effects of aging. 

PRP treatment at Cross Bay PMR is a cutting edge procedure that is both organic and non-surgical.  

PRP Facia Work

How Does The PRP Work?

The great thing about PRP is that it is not chemical based.  Platelet Rich Plasma is created from your own blood and in this way, is organic.  We concentrate your blood to create a plasma with over 30 growth factors.   We then take the PRP and apply it to the face.  The growth factors do the work to regenerate dry and aged skin. PRP promotes the formation of healthy collagen and the deposit of elastic tissue.  This is modern medicine taking advantage of the body’s own natural and organic healing properties to regenerate damaged sites and in this case, one’s face. This treatment is followed by application of a temporary collagen mask. 

What Skin Areas Are Suitable for PRP Treatment?

Treatment applications include: forehead lines; frown lines; brow shaping; cheek definition; bunny lines; crow’s feet; eye circle; lip wrinkles; chin creasing; nasolabial folds; mouth frown; accordion lines; marionette lines; jawline; back of the hands and décolleté wrinkles or crease-marked skin.

Healing Process:

After your PRP Facial, you are able to walk out of our office and continue with your day.  There is no hospital visits or overnight stay.   

PRP Facial

There are three necessary stages of healing following your PRP Facial: Inflammation, Regeneration, and Remodeling.  In the inflammation stage, for two to three days, fibroblasts enter the site, and begin breaking down old cells. The fibroblasts are responsible for the deposition of collagen and ground substance.  Since one’s collagen is primarily the unhealthy cells with chronic injury, the fibroblasts serve to create new and healthy collagen.

Beginning in the Regenerative Phase, which occurs between day 5 and 15 and may last for several weeks, the fibroblasts change into myofibroblasts.  New collagen is produced during this phase. Next, the Remodeling Stage is where the collagen is not only continually produced but also matures and strengthens.  Facial tissue repair ensues regenerating and rejuvenating the skin with improved appearance and new collagen growth. The Remodeling Phase can last over one year. 

It is recommended to have three PRP Facial injections within an 18 month period to ensure the tissue is fully restored. 

Independent Studies

Independent studies demonstrate the beneficial effectiveness of the PRP Facial treatment as “the most complete, versatile and active treatment for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging.”


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