Cross Bay Advantage

Cross Bay Regenerative believes that healthcare can and should be better. That is why Dr. Bieber developed the Cross Bay Advantage as a treatment philosophy for his patients. He knew that creating an system by which to evaluate and treatment patients in a more complete model was important to help patients reach optimal results. So, at Cross Bay Regenerative, you can always rest assured that our system for evaluation and treatment is patient focused, allowing you to be part of the process to reach optimal health. 

What is the Cross Bay Advantage?

The Cross Bay Advantage comes down to three specific aspects: Expertise, Precision, and Integrated Thoroughness.


Benjamin Bieber, MD, FAAPMRWhen it comes to expertise, we need to lean into experience and education. Dr. Bieber has over 10 years of regenerative intervention related to orthopedic patients. He is an Associate Professor for the American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians, where he lectures other doctors on platelet rich plasma procedures. Beyond the regenerative realm, Dr. Bieber has been practicing orthopedic medicine for over 20 years and is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the New York University School of Medicine. All of this combined education and experience allows him to use his expertise to work with patients to help establish a care plan to start their recovery journey.


Precision is a crucial aspect in medical care, that is often overlooked. When looking for a medical provider, it is very important to learn how they are performing procedures and asking how they plan the patient care. At Cross Bay Regenerative, we generally make sure that when examining a patient, we first perform a thorough history and hands-on clinical examination, and then look at imaging (x-ray or MRI ) to define the diagnosis. After examining the imaging and performing a manual exam on the patient, only then do we move forward with a planned procedure. When performing any procedure, our medical staff will utilize ultrasound guidance to enhance the precision of the injections or other methods of intervention. This helps to ensure the exact areas of damage are being helped, as opposed to some clinics that just do “blind” injections, hoping that the solution hits the right target. That is why it is very important to ask how the doctor plans and performs their procedures.

Ultrasound Image

Comprehensive Integration

Dr. Bieber and the staff know that a complete model of healthcare is needed for optimal results. This starts with a comprehensive hands-on examination to help determine the problem. Therefore, most initial visits are longer than many other clinics. Our team really focuses on learning about the patient and examining the source of pain or dysfunction through hands-on exams and diagnostic testing. It does not stop at the examination though. We also make sure that proper rehab or prehab is performed but having our great physical therapist staff as part of our clinics. This allows for great communication and patient tracking between the doctor and the therapist, resulting in increase outcomes.

Is the Cross Bay Advantaged for you?

The Cross Bay Advantage is for all of those looking for a more complete and experienced model of healthcare that is tailored to each individual patient. This program is not a cookie-cutter way of approaching medicine. It is designed to be unique for each patient because we know that each patient is different and needs their own individualized journey to optimal health.

If you are looking for true care and to be a part of your journey to optimal health, then Cross Bay Regenerative is the place for you to feel part of the plan and see what a new model of healthcare can do for you.