#1 Arthritis Treatment

#1 Arthritis Treatment
#1 Arthritis Treatment

Relieve Arthritis Pain, Inflammation, And Disability

Arthritis is a common disease afflicting millions of people.  When a person has arthritis, the cartilage in the joint breaks down leading to bone-on-bone friction.  Such friction causes joint pain, inflammation, and disability.  The cure for this disease is currently unknown but there are ways to reverse the degenerative process of arthritis and significantly reduce joint pain and disability.

One of the most common treatments for severe arthritis is joint replacement surgery, where an artificial joint is surgically placed within the body to replace one’s current diseased joint.  This surgery is often somewhat effective but can leave a person with lifelong symptoms such as weakness and immobility.

Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis is a safe and effective alternative to joint replacement surgery.  It is a non-surgical treatment aimed at repairing and replacing current damaged cartilage tissue.  Stem Cells are located throughout the body.  They are a neutral cell able to transform into a diverse range to cell tissue such as ligament, organ, and cartilage tissue.  In a healthy joint, any breakdown of cartilage can be repaired by the stem cells in and around the joint.

Unfortunately, as Arthritis is a consistently degenerative disease, the stem cells essential run out in the joint.  There aren’t enough stem cells to keep up with the pace of Arthritis breaking down cartilage tissue.

Stem Cell Therapy For Arthritis Pain

Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. is an Arthritis Specialist applying non-surgical Stem Cell Therapy to repair and replace damaged cartilage tissue in the joint.  By applying a boost of stem cells to the joint, it is possible to repair cartilage tissue and significantly relieve joint pain and inflammation.   This treatment is applied through a simple non-surgical injection technique.  Stem Cells are harvested from the fat tissue or bone marrow of the patient and then immediately injected into the joint.  The stem cells applied to the join then align to the body’s natural healing process transforming into new cartilage tissue over the coming weeks and months.  By adding new and healthy cartilage tissue, bone-on-bone friction is decreases as well as joint pain.

It is possible to reverse Arthritis with Stem Cell Therapy and relieve significant pain and disability.  Surgery should always be a last resort option as it is both invasive and risky with the potential of long-term complications.  Stem Cell Therapy has been shown to increase the success of joint replacement surgery as well if surgery is still needed after treatment.

The best thing you can do is come in for a second opinion and learn how Stem Cell Therapy can help your Arthritis condition.

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