ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy - New York

ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy - New York
ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy - New York

Grow Back Your Hair

For many, hair loss is a devastating process. This process can continue until baldness or extreme hair thinning is reached. When you understand why hair loss occurs, you can seek out the right solution.

Hair loss has to do with damaged hair follicle tissue. Whether it’s because of aging, genetics, sun damage, or inflammation, the cells of a hair follicles deteriorate and die making it impossible for a hair follicle to grow hair.

The answer to regrowing hair is repairing damaged hair follicles. The body is supposed to do this naturally through new cell birth and regeneration. Condition like alopecia and male pattern baldness act to fast for the achievement of successful cellular regeneration. Continued hair loss and hair thinning do not allow new cells to repair hair follicles at a rate where hair loss is a non-issue.

The advent of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP Therapy has allowed doctors to repair hair follicles at the cellular level but PRP alone does only a fair job at repairing hair follicles, though some success does occur.

Combining ACell With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. has discovered that by combining ACell and PRP, the success rate is much higher. With ACell + PRP Hair Therapy, patients are getting their desired results and consistent new hair growth.

ACell is an extracellular matrix, approved by the FDA, that attracts stem cells to the areas of hair loss. Dr. Bieber places ACell at the areas of hair loss so stem cells are drawn to these areas and then “go to work” repairing hair follicles. Stem Cells are neutral cells able to transform into many different kinds of cell tissue. By applying ACell to the scalp, a boost of cellular regeneration occurs, hair follicles become healthy again, and healthy hair follicles are able to produce new and consistent hair growth.

Platelet Rich Plasma contains over 30 growth factors that actively restore damaged hair follicle tissue and blood vessel. PRP not only repairs a hair follicle but also allows new blood to flow to the follicle that “feeds” the hair follicle with minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. By combining both PRP and ACell in a hair loss treatment, the success rate to reverse hair loss is much higher.

In many cases, ACell + PRP Hair Restoration accomplishes the same results in one treatment as four PRP stand alone treatments.

It is possible for for you to stop hair loss and thinning.

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