ACell + PRP Hair Therapy

ACell + PRP Hair Therapy
ACell + PRP Hair Therapy

Regrow Your Own Hair


Creating natural hair growth is as simple as repairing hair follicles. This is what many non-surgical treatments aim to do. They aim to reinvigorate the cells of hair follicles. Unfortunately, such creams and shampoos may help nourish hair follicles but they don’t actually repair the progressive decay of cell tissue. It takes a special kind of treatment to repair follicular tissue at the cell level.


This decay of cell tissue makes the hair follicle unable to produce hair. The question is then how to reverse this process. The cells themselves have to be repaired. Many of Dr. Benjamin Bieber’s patients are looking for a hair loss treatment that actually fixes the core root problem of hair loss, which is damaged hair follicles. Hair transplants, while covering the scalp, remove hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another. This doesn’t fix this problem of hair loss, it just covers it up for a period of time.


ACell + PRP Hair Therapy is a way to physically repair dying and damaged hair follicle tissue. ACell is an extracellular matrix that attracts stem cells to the sites of hair loss and these stem cells then physically transform into healthy hair follicle tissue creating a healthy hair follicle. These healthy hair follicles can now operate as the body intends them too growing consistent hair.


Repair Damaged Hair Follicles That Won't Grow Hair


Hair follicles become damaged by a variety of means, such as aging cells, sun damage, inflammation, or a dry scalp. Stem cells repair and replaces these cells. ACell for hair is not a stem cell but a structure that acts like a web to attract stem cells to where they are needed.


The second material Dr. Bieber applies is Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP, which contains over 30 growth factors to repair cell tissue damage and blood vessel damage. Repairing cell tissue, the hair follicle then operates with healthy tissue, which functions as it should growing new hair. Additionally, what is special about PRP and hair growth is that is also is great at repairing blood vessel damage.


By repairing blood vessels, new blood flow is able to consistently nourish hair follicles with much needed vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which are supplied by the blood. This will keep the hair follicles healthier for longer and able to grow hair for often years at a time.


Many patients are seeing the benefits of having ACell + PRP Hair Therapy before a hair transplant. First to try it to see if they can avoid a hair transplant and second, as a way to improve the outcome of a hair transplant.


Dr. Bieber has also discovered that combining ACell with PRP provides a much higher rate of success to help his patients reverse their problem of hair loss.


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