ACell + PRP Hair Treatment In New York

ACell + PRP Hair Treatment In New York

Hair Regrowth With ACell + PRP

ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy creates natural hair growth by repairing damaged hair follicles. As the hair follicle age, it often becomes increasingly damaged. Whether through inflammation, sun damage, dry scalp, or genetics, the hair follicle cells die and the hair follicle begins to shrink. Unfortunately, this means less hair strands can grow from each follicle.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies ACell + PRP to areas of hair loss in order to regenerate hair follicle so they become healthy again and able to grow hair. ACell is a form of stem cells and both stem cells and PRP are being used throughout a wide variety of medical disciplines to heal injuries. Scalp damage is an injury and applying both stem cells and PRP can help it to repair reversing dreaded alopecia and hair loss symptoms.

What Is ACell And PRP?

ACell is an FDA approved extra-cellular matrix product. It is not only a form of stem cells but also acts as a structure to attract stem cells. This means, once applied to the scalp, ACell attracts stem cells throughout the area to the areas of focus, the areas of the most hair loss. Once applied to the scalp, stem cells are then signaled by our brain to heal any damage in the area and this refers to scalp and hair follicle damage that is preventing renewed hair growth.

Stem Cells physically transform into healthy hair follicle cells and restore old damaged tissue. By creating a healthy environment, hair follicles can again do what the body naturally intends them to do, which is grow hair. It is possible to reverse the process of alopecia, balding, and hair thinning with this treatment.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma also repairs tissue damage in the scalp. Additionally, PRP is great to repair blood vessel damage. Increased blood flow to the scalp acts as new and consistent nourishment for hair follicles with it’s continuous flow of nutrients and minerals.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber is helping his patients produce new hair growth by fixing the root problem of hair loss, which is damaged hair follicles. It is possible to apply an additional boost of the body’s own healing materials and accelerate the healing process of an injury.

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The first step is to send us photographs of your scalp at Dr. Bieber will observe these photos and will be able to immediately tell if you are a good candidate for ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy. If so, we will then e-mail you to set up your treatment time with Dr. Bieber.

By Benjamin Bieber

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