ACell Balding and Hair Thinning Treatment

ACell Balding and Hair Thinning Treatment

Grow Your Own Natural Hair

Hair Regrowth Therapy is becoming extremely popular because it fixes the cause of hair loss and does not just cover up the symptoms like many other hair treatments. With Cellular Therapy and the combination of ACell and PRP Therapy, hair follicles themselves are repaired and therefore, able to again produce new hair growth.

The main reason for hair thinning, baldness, and hair loss is increasingly damaged hair follicles. The cells of hair follicles shrink and dry out so much so that they are unable to produce new hair. ACell and PRP add increased blood flow to the hair follicles and replaced unhealthy damaged cells with new healthy ones. By applying a new batch of health to the scalp and thereby fixing the hair follicles, they are able to again produce new hair. It is that simple.

When someone has an injury and the injury gets better, the immobility of that injury disappears. The same logic applies to hair follicles. If a hair follicle is damaged and cannot produce hair growth, when the hair follicle is fixed, it can again produce hair like it supposed to. This is how Hair Regrowth Therapy works.

Repair Old an Damaged Hair Follicles

Dr. Bieber applies a combination of non-surgical ACell and PRP into the scalp using an injection. The PRP increases blood flow and heals blood vessel damage while ACell produced new healthy cells that are utilized by the damaged hair follicle. ACell applies numerous cell types to the injured scalp and has the potential to differentiate into the type of cell the body needs to heal itself (in this case broken down follicular cells).

The best part about this hair treatment is that it solves the cause of hair loss. By fixing hair follicles, we are creating a sustainable environment for consistent hair growth. This treatment is applied via an injection technique. There is no surgery, no overnight stays, and no hospital visits. The procedure takes about three hours to complete and then you are free to return home.

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Dr. Benjamin Bieber is a physician with over 30 years of experience and after treating tens of thousands of patients, is discovering Cellular Therapy to be the most effective treatment to correct cell damage, which is the basis of all injury.

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By Benjamin Bieber

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