Arthritis Stem Cell Therapy - NYC

Arthritis Stem Cell Therapy - NYC
Arthritis Stem Cell Therapy - NYC

Reduce Arthritis Pain, Inflammation, And Disability

Arthritis slowly deteriorates a person’s joints causing pain, inflammation, and disability.  In this condition, cartilage tissue breaks down eventually leading to bone on bone friction, where bones rub against each other during movement causing pain.  At this point, doctors often recommend joint replacement surgery.  It is possible to repair your joint and stop bone on bone friction without invasive surgery. 

Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis applies the use of adult stem cells to regenerate healthy cartilage tissue.  Cartilage tissue is a key element in the joint.  It acts as a shock absorber protecting the joint during the body’s movements.  Without cartilage, movement can become very painful.  Arthritis is the chronic breakdown of cartilage in the joint.  Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. is able to apply Stem Cell Therapy to repair damaged cartilage tissue and even regrow new cartilage tissue to be utilized by the joint. 

During normal circumstances, stem cells repair any breakdown of tissue.  Stem Cells are able to transform into many different types of tissue and replace damaged tissue with healthy tissue.  When cartilage breaks downs, stem cells repair and replace damaged cartilage tissue.  Unfortunately, because Arthritis is a chronic condition, there aren't enough stem cells in and around the joint to continuously repair the break down of cartilage.  Eventually, cartilage fully breaks down causing bone on bone friction and pain. 

Stem Cells For The Joint

By adding a boost of stem cells to the joint, your body is able to use these stem cells to create new cartilage tissue and this cartilage tissue again protects your joint.  With the addition of new cartilage tissue, patients see a tremendous increase in joint mobility and a decrease in pain.  The joint is able to function properly and importantly, joint replacement surgery is often no longer needed. 

Dr. Bieber harvests stem cells from the patient’s own fat tissue or bone marrow using a special injection technique and then, immediately injects the stem cells into the damaged joint.  Over several weeks and months, stem cells transform into healthy cartilage tissue helping to create a healthy joint.  This process is a safe and effective alternative to joint replacement surgery and many patients see a significant reduction in pain and disability.

Joint replacement surgery is an extremely invasive procedure and often, the long-term consequences, such as life-long weakness, are unknown.  Stem Cell Therapy provides the patient with a way to potentially avoid these complications and heal their joint non-surgically.  Additionally, Stem Cell Therapy can improve upon the result of joint replacement surgery if such surgery is still needed afterwards.

There is no risk in having a second opinion and understanding the benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis.

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