Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis Pain Relief

Applying Stem Cell Therapy acts as a safe and effective alternative to arthritis surgery. This non-invasive treatment is accomplished through a simple injection technique under ultrasound guidance. Ultrasound Guidance allows Dr. Bieber to find the precise area where joint damage is occuring and plant the stem cells.

The goal of stem cell treatment is to regenerate cartilage in the joint. Stem Cells physically transform themselves into cartilage after being signaled by the brain to do so and this new cartilage acts as a shock absorber against bone on bone friction. With new cartilage added to the joint, the pain, immobility, stiffness, and inflammation of arthritis can disappear entirely or be significantly mitigated.

During your stem cell injection, Dr. Bieber will harvest stem cells using a special injection technique from either the patient's bone marrow or fat tissue. The stem cells are then re-injected into the damaged joint to begin the healing process. Treatment takes around 2 hours to complete and then patients are able to continue with normal yet restful activity. There are no hosptial visits or overnight stays during this treatment.

There are many benefitis to trying Stem Cell Therapy. One is that it is possible to avoid invasive surgery and it's inherent risks and tremendous pain. Second, it is possible to reverse the condition of arthritis because the addition of new cartilage can be sustained over a significant period of time, even for years. Patients usually begin feeling less pain between the 3 to 6 month mark after their treatment.

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