Arthritis Treatment in New York

Arthritis Treatment in New York
Arthritis Treatment in New York

Get Rid Of Arthritis Pain

Getting rid of arthritis pain may seem like a pipe dream but new advances in Stem Cell medicine   have a high success rate to reverse the degenerative condition of arthritis.

Arthritis pain occurs as a bone-to-bone friction create inflammation and friction in one’s joint.  The deterioration of cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber to bone-to-bone friction, is the cause of this pain.  Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies non-surgical Stem Cell Therapy to add healthy cartilage to the damaged joint

Correcting the erosion of cartilage through a stem cell injection promptly reduces arthritis pain because the joint again has the protective padding of cartilage.  Our patients are seeing incredible results and are surprised and amazed at the reduction in pain and the increase in mobility that they can now experience.

Using Stem Cells To Heal Arthritis

By reversing the condition of arthritis, we are not only stopping the process from becoming worse but actively making the joint healthier

The science behind stem cells is quite simple to understand.  Stem cells are everywhere in a person’s body.  They act as a neutral cell that can transform into any type of cell the body needs to produce repairs in the body.  In traumatic degenerative conditions such as arthritis, there simply aren’t enough stem cells to continuously refurbish the joint

At the point, Dr. Bieber applies stem cells from either the patient’s fat tissue or bone marrow to the damaged joint.  The added stem cells produce new healthy cartilage by transforming into new tissue.  With a high success rate, the new cartilage boost the body’s ability to protect itself against arthritis and against the pain causes bone-to-bone friction

This arthritis treatment only uses stem cells take from the patient’s own body and is completely safe.  It is a non-surgical treatment and in fact, is, in most cases, a safe and effective alternative to arthritis surgery

It may be well worth it to try a stem cell injection prior to undergoing an invasive and risky surgical procedure

Dr. Benjamin Bieber has offices in both Manhattan and Queens and can schedule you for a consultation at either office

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By Benjamin Bieber

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