Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson could use PRP

Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson could use PRP

Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson had to be lifted off New York City’s Citi Field on a stretcher on July 24, due a fractured fibula and deltoid ligament. Timmy underwent successful surgery and needs need around four months to completely recover from the injury. In addition, I believe that he is a viable candidate for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.

A study performed by Stanford University demonstrates that platelet rich plasma (PRP) has been used in previous studies to stimulate faster healing of torn ligaments and tendons in order to help reduce pain and restore normal function. “This study aims to prove that non-operative treatment of acute and chronic ligament and tendon injuries with platelet rich plasma will reduce the time needed for participants to heal these injuries and restore function.”

To evade more invasive procedures I believe that Mr. Hudson should look more into PRP therapy to accelerate his healing process. We look forward to seeing you back out there Timmy! Cross Bay Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Howard Beach NY, has been having great success in providing relief and injury recovery to patients in the tri-state area using PRP Therapy and other Regenerative Medical Procedures.

By Benjamin Bieber

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