Cure Wrinkles and Acne Scarring With PRP Treatment

Cure Wrinkles and Acne Scarring With PRP Treatment

Can you imagine taking away your wrinkles using your own blood? Well that’s one of the latest anti-aging procedures to hit the market. The new procedure is called Bio Facial Skin Rejevenation and the treatment takes advantage of the body’s natural healing processess.

As we grow older we all want to try and maintain a youthful look and that means we need a way to reduce or prevent wrinkles. Just ask Kim Kardashian who has shown off the effects of her “vampire facial” using Instagram.

Platelet rich plasma seems to have many uses nowadays and through research, this treatment shows the ability to rejuvenate layers of your skin. The workings behind this treatment is simple as platelet rich plasma contains a high concentration of growth factors, which are known to be essential in the wound healing process. In the case of the “vampire facial,” the growth factors stimulate new collagen growth in one's skin. Collagen is the protein in your skin that hinders the wrinkling effect by keeping your cheeks firm.

The reason this works is because the growth factors concentrated in Platelet Rich Plasma, which are only a concentrated version of the platelets in your own skin, regenerate the damaged areas making them again healthy. They rejuvenate the skin creating youthfun skin once again from the new collagen.

The procedure is as follows; blood is drawn from the patient and placed into a centrifuge, the centrifuge helps to separate the blood's content and create a high concentration growth factors, this is formed into a plasma. This content is then injected into the desired areas to achieve a more youthful look.

If old age has gotten you weary and you don’t seem to recognize yourself in the mirror anymore, I encourage you to come in for a consultation at my office, Cross Bay Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, located in Howard Beach, New York. Let’s turn back the clock today!

PRP treatmentis a better alternative to botox or plastic surgery because it is both non-surgical and non-invasive. The ingredients used in PRP are from your own body and so it is healthy without side effects.

Dr. Bieber at Cross Bay Physical Medicine and Rehabilation specializes in Bio Facial Skin Rejuvenation. Call today at (718) 835-0100 for a for a consultation today!

By Benjamin Bieber

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