End Bone On Bone Arthritis With Stem Cell Therapy - New York

End Bone On Bone Arthritis With Stem Cell Therapy - New York
End Bone On Bone Arthritis With Stem Cell Therapy - New York

Stem Cell Therapy For Arthritis Pain

The cartilage between the joints act as a shock absorber for the joint allowing easy movement. When this cartilage breaks down, bone on bone friction occurs causing constant pain, inflammation, and disability.

Arthritis is a condition whereby cartilage constantly deteriorates leading to this painful bone on bone friction. This degenerative process is seemingly endless but fortunately, there is a way to reverse this process with Stem Cells.

Stem Cells are everywhere in a person’s body and act as “neutral” cells that transform into the type of cell tissue the body needs to heal itself. Stem cells regenerate and birth healthy cells that replace damaged cartilage tissue.

Normally, when cartilage breaks down, stem cells repair and replace damage cartilage tissue with healthy tissue but because arthritis is a disease that chronically breaks down cartilage, the stem cells needed regenerate cartilage eventually run out. The arthritic process continues leading to bone on bone friction, inflammation, pain, and disability.

When such continuous bone on bone friction occurs, many doctors recommend joint replacement surgery but this surgery is invasive, risky, has a long and painful rehabilitation process, and can leave someone with life-long immobility and stiffness.


Whether or not you are considering surgery, Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis is able to add much-needed cartilage tissue to the joint. People who regenerate cartilage with stem cells see a marked increase in mobility and significant relief in pain and inflammation of their joint.

Regrow Cartilage With Stem Cells

Dr. Benjamin Bieber specializes in the use of Stem Cell medicine to reverse the process of arthritis. By taking stem cells from either fat tissue or bone marrow of the patient, Dr. Bieber applies these stem cells to the joint.

Once applied, these stem cells immediately go to work regenerating cartilage tissue and replacing damaged tissue. A new line of defense is added to the joint to stop bone on bone friction. Stem Cells both repair current deteriorated cartilage tissue and add cartilage to where it is needed.

It is important to note that Stem Cell Therapy is an effective non-surgical alternative to joint replacement surgery and Dr. Bieber has helped many patients avoid surgery with Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy low-risk with a high success rate to repair damaged cartilage in the joint. It is often effective regardless of the severity of one’s current arthritic condition. Stem Cell Therapy can be used for people as an alternative to surgery or for those not considering surgery but looking for a way to decrease arthritic pain and inflammation.

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