Hair Restoration Therapy With Platelet Rich Plasma

Hair Restoration Therapy With Platelet Rich Plasma

Non surgical Hair Restoration with Platelet Rich Plasma for both men and women is an exceptional way to stimulate long-lasting hair growth. PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is an organic substance derived out of the patient’s own blood. It is the same platelet’s that heal your cuts but this time, it is healing hair follicles so they can grow hair.

With alopecia and spotted baldness, the real cause of the problem is damaged hair follicles. As one ages, hair follicles dry out and shrink and cannot produce hair any longer. Hair Restoration with PRP corrects this problem by “repairing and restoring” these hair follicles. They can then grow hair again.

Just like when a broken car engine is fixed and the car can drive again, if the hair follicles are “fixed”, they can regrow hair. Up until now, there have been only topical medications like Rogaine, which only work in the short-term or hair transplant surgery that just moves hair around and does nothing to fix the core root of the problem.

It is about time modern medicine fixes the problem of hair loss and PRP is an amazing first step. The substance is organic and natural. Their are no toxic chemicals. The PRP Hair Restoration therapy is done in the privacy of our office. There is no hospital visits or overnight stays. The procedure lasts about 1.5 hours and then your back to your normal day.

This treatment is completely safe because we are using resources from your own body but just gearing it toward an area that is lacking in these resources.

If you have heard about Stem Cell Therapy, this is a similar procedure working for a damaged scalp. PRP Hair Restoration can treat alopecia, alopecia areata, male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, and androgenic alopecia. You will find a noticeable difference in dense and thick hair growth only weeks after the procedure.

Cross Bay PMR is located in Howard Beach, Queens. Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Benjamin Bieber to reverse hair loss and create long-lasting and self-sustaining (yes! self-sustaining) hair growth. Once the hair follicles are repaired, they continue to grow hair non-stop.

Call 718-835-0100 today and schedule a consultation for your Hair Restoration with PRP appointment! Dr. Bieber has extensive experience helping reverse hair loss symptoms and help patients regrow thick, natural hair.

If you are located outside of New York, no problem! We can easily recommend hotel and flight accommodations. Call 718-835-0100 today and schedule a consultation!

By Benjamin Bieber

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