Hair Treatment With PRP + Acell - New York

Hair Treatment With PRP + Acell - New York
Hair Treatment With PRP + Acell - New York

Hair Loss Treatment 

PRP + Acell Hair Restoration offers the most promising hair treatment currently in medicine.  The reason isbecause PRP + Acell actually repair damaged and dying hair follicles, the root cause of hair loss.

Hair follicles go through life cycles.  Once the life cycles stop, new cells are unable form and produce new and healthy hair follicles.  This is the reason for hair loss.  Not only do many hair follicles die but the hair follicles that are still somewhat active produce less hair strands creating hair thinning and balding.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber has found that there is a high success among his patients who use PRP + Acell hair treatment to grow back new hair.  You have probably heard about PRP Therapy before.  It is always in the news as famous athlete’s get PRP injections to avoid and prevent the need for surgery.  PRP repairs blood vessel damage increasing blood flow and circulation while simultaneously repairing damaged tendon and ligament tissue.

When applied to the scalp, PRP also increases blood flow to hair follicles and this new blood is the cells’ nourishment.  PRP adds new blood vessels to the scalp that feed hair follicles and stimulate the growth of healthy cells.

Accelerating Hair Growth

When combined with Acell, the success of this hair treatment sky rockets.  Acell specifically attracts stem cells to the area where balding and hair thinning occurs.  The stem cells, which are located everywhere in the body, then transform themselves into the type of cells the hair follicles need to regenerate themselves.  As a result, hair follicles gain new healthy cells improving both the life cycle of the follicle and the number of hair strands able to grow in each follicle.  This increasingly covers the scalp producing thicker hair and consistent hair growth.

This treatment is non-surgical requiring only a simple injection technique from Dr. Bieber.  The procedure takes around two hours to complete and then you are free to go about your normal day.

Dr. Bieber has helped patients for over thirty years and this is the best hair treatment he has seen produce tangible results for his patients.  While a patient needs a minimum of 3-4 PRP only hair treatments, PRP + Acell only requires one treatment to produce the same hair growth

Schedule Your Treatment 

The first step is to send us photographs of your scalp at  Dr. Bieber will look at these photographs to determine if you are a good candidate for PRP + Acell Hair Restoration treatment.  Then, one of our stem cell specialists will call you to schedule an appointment

PRP + Acell hair treatment has the highest rate of success for Alopecia, hair thinning, and male and female patterned baldness

By Benjamin Biebe

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