Heal Arthritis Pain With Stem Cell Therapy

Heal Arthritis Pain With Stem Cell Therapy
Heal Arthritis Pain With Stem Cell Therapy

Add New Cartilage To Your Joint Ending Bone On Bone Friction

Arthritis is a painful degenerative condition with no apparent cure and as such, many people with severe arthritis are recommended to get joint replacement surgery. This surgery is extremely invasive and long-term consequences are an unknown. Some patients are left with permanent weakness, stiffness, and disability after their surgery. As a Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation physician with over 30 years of experience, I help patients with arthritis find pain relief and avoid joint replacement surgery.

Pain, inflammation, and disability in arthritis occurs because cartilage deteriorates in the joint to the point where bone on bone friction occurs. Cartilage is supposed to act as a shock absorber in the joint during the body’s movements but with the breakdown of cartilage, the bones that are supposed to be protected by the joint rub against each other causing pain and inflammation. One highly successful approach at regenerating new cartilage tissue is Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy For Arthritis Pain

Stem Cell Therapy for arthritis is a non-surgical approach to regenerating new cartilage tissue and repairing current damaged cartilage tissue. Stem Cells are everywhere in a person’s body including in arthritic joints but the stem cells are used up to repair cartilage at the onset of one’s arthritis condition. After a time, the stem cells in the joint run out and no more cartilage can be repaired or created leading to bone on bone friction and pain. Stem Cell Therapy adds a new boost of stem cells to the joint regenerating new cartilage tissue and stopping bone on bone friction for a significant period of time.

Patients after Stem Cell Therapy find a marked increase in mobility, decrease in inflammation, and significant pain relief. In many cases, Stem Cell Therapy can prevent or pro-long the need for joint replacement surgery. It is a great opportunity that one is able to try Stem Cell Therapy before undergoing surgery. With a high success rate, Stem Cell Therapy has a great chance of helping a patient avoid surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy is a simple treatment, where stem cells are derived from the patient’s fat tissue or bone marrow and then immediately injected into the joint. Dr. Bieber uses ultrasound guidance to see inside the joint, knowing exactly where the stem cells should be placed in order to produce maximum benefit. This one-time treatment will likely help you relieve much of your daily arthritic pain. There are no hospital visits or overnight stays. A stem cell treatments takes around 2-3 hours to complete and then you are free to return home and enjoy normal, restful activity.

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