How To Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery If You Have Arthritis

How To Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery If You Have Arthritis
How To Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery If You Have Arthritis

Avoid Surgery and Relieve Knee Pain

The knee joint is one of the most common to develop significant Arthritis with chronic pain, inflammation, and immobility. The cartilage inside the knee joint progressively breaks down leading to bone-on-bone friction and this friction is a constant source of pain.

The cartilage in the joint is supposed to protect the joint from the body’s movements and from bones rubbing against each other. It is too act as a “shock absorber” when the body puts pressure on the joint. Unfortunately, Arthritis and it’s inherent chronic inflammation causes the cartilage to consistently break down. Eroding cartilage leads to bone-on-bone friction in the joint and it is at this point that doctors begin to recommend patients for surgery.

Since there is no known cure for Arthritis, joint replacement surgery involves replacing the current “diseased” joint with an artificial joint. This of course doesn’t solve the problem of Arthritis but often relieves significant Arthritic pain. This though comes at a great price. Invasive surgery is extremely risky because of the possible unforeseen consequences. The after-math of surgery and a long-period of physical therapy and rehabilitation is not only painful but many patients experience life-long weakness or stiffness in the joint. Putting in place an artificial joint is not without it’s downsides.

Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies Stem Cell Therapy, a non-surgical approach to repair damaged cartilage that can alleviate significant Arthritic pain and disability. This treatment is a safe and effective alternative to joint replacement surgery and importantly, can be utilized as a “try-first” treatment, meaning that if it works, then surgery can be avoided and if not, surgery is still an option. While success can never be guaranteed, a high percentage of Dr. Bieber’s patients see a significant improvement in joint function and pain relief at a Stem Cells treatment.

Stem Cell Therapy for knee Arthritis applies adult stem cells or stem cells taken from the patient’s own body to the knee joint in order to stimulate the repair of cartilage tissue. These stem cells are harvested from the fat tissue or bone marrow of the patient and then immediately injected into the knee joint. Once inside the joint, the stem cells physically transform into healthy cartilage tissue that replaces and repairs current damaged cartilage tissue. The knee joint now has new healthy cartilage tissue that can act as that important “shock absorber” within the joint and a significant decrease in inflammation, pain, and immobility is a likely result.

After Stem Cell Therapy, many of my patients are extremely happy to experience pain relief and this treatment can be considered natural since it is applying only cells taken from the patient’s body. It is very important to seek out a solution that may help you avoid surgery or just make your life more pain-free and satisfactory.

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