Knee Treatment W/ Stem Cells (NYC)

Knee Treatment W/ Stem Cells (NYC)
Knee Treatment W/ Stem Cells (NYC)

Knee Treatment W/ Stem Cells (NYC)Stem Cell Therapy

Most people suffer at least one or two knee injuries in their lifetime.  This could be an ACL, MCL, LCL, or meniscus tear.  Other common knee problems include Arthritis or Tendonitis to name a few.  Sometimes, these injuries fail to heal fully and cause great pain and disability over a long period of time.  Other times, doctors recommend surgery for a knee injury.

I am here to tell you that there is a non-surgical option with a high success rate that is able to help you heal.  Stem Cell Therapy is one of the best non-surgical treatments to date in medicine and has a high success rate to significantly repair tissue damage in the knee.  In almost all cases, surgery doesn't actually repair the tissue damage but rather cuts out or replaces the damage.  Because of this, a patient can experience life-long weakness or disability though pain decreases.  It is much more effective to find a non-surgical alternative that does not harm your body and can heal your knee naturally.

Stem Cells are everywhere in a person’s body and serve to replace and repair damaged tissue.  Stem Cells are “neutral” cells able to transform into many different types of tissue including ligament, tendon, muscle, and even cartilage tissue.  Unfortunately, in a severe or chronic injury, all of the stem cells get “used up” and there is none left to finish the repair of the injury.  This is why surgery is recommended since the body now cannot heal itself.

Recover From A Knee Injury Without Surgery

Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. harvests a sample of stem cells from either a patient’s bone marrow or fat tissue and then directly injects these stem cells into the knee.  The stem cells are then signaled by the brain to renew the healing process and repair damaged tissue.  Many patients see great improvement in pain and mobility within weeks of treatment.

Knee treatment with stem cells is natural since it uses only the body’s own healing cells and actually aligns with the body’s normal healing process.  It is non-invasive requiring only a simple injection technique.  Further, you may be a little sore after treatment but there is no additional harm done to the knee like with surgery.  There are no hospital visits and you don’t need to be put to sleep.  The power of this new approach is that it applying a stronger boost of what the body already uses to heal itself.

If you have a knee injury, it is best to get a second opinion on what can be done non-surgically, especially if you are considering surgery.  If you are not considering surgery but just looking for a way to recover after months of pain and disability, this treatment is also for you.

The first step is schedule a consultation with me, Dr. Bieber, at my office in New York City and we will go over all of your options for non-surgical Stem Cell treatment.  Call (718) 835-0100 and schedule your consultation with me.

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