Knee Treatment With Stem Cells + PRP in New York

Knee Treatment With Stem Cells + PRP in New York

Fixing Your Knee Pain

The knee is one of the most common areas of injury to not only sustain partial muscle and ligaments tears but to also require surgery as treatment.  Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies non-surgical Regenerative Medicine using both Stem Cell and PRP Therapy to help his patients escape surgery

If you are suffering from a knee injury and are considering surgery, it is best to look into these types of non-surgical options first as knee surgery is not only a risky procedure but extremely invasive and can leave long-lasting disabling effects

Both Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy have a high success rate to repair ligament, tendon, muscle, and cartilage damage.

It is actually very simple the way Dr. Bieber’s Cell Therapy treatments to repair knee injuries.  The body of course has its own mechanisms to heal itself.  This includes using stem cells that are in and around the knee to manifest healthy tendon, ligament, and muscle tissue.  Unfortunately, with severe and traumatic knee injuries, there aren’t enough tools for the body to fully repair itself fully.  This is why doctors may recommend surgery and where Dr. Bieber can add natural tools, derived from the patient’s own body, to give the knee a healing boost that can repair otherwise unrepairable knee damage

This treatment is has shown tremendous success for partial ligament tears such as ACL, LCL, or MCL tears and even helps patients with arthritis grow new cartilage to reverse their degenerative condition and minimize arthritic pain

Stem Cell + PRP Treatment

Here are some brief descriptions of how Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy work to repair knee damage:

With Stem Cell Therapy, Dr. Bieber derives stem cells from either the patient’s fat tissue or bone marrow and then immediately injects the stem cells into the knee, where it can transform itself, signaled by the brain, into the healthy tissue the knee uses to repair itself

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is derived from the patient’s own blood.  Using Dr. Bieber’s PRP Therapy, each platelet contains over 30 growth factors that contributes to healing damaged tissue and repairing blood vessels

In some cases, the combination of PRP Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy is extremely effective in helping a patient recover from a knee injury

The point of these procedures is to use a non-surgical treatment to rapidly accelerate the recovery process of the knee making it possible for the knee to heal itself without the need for surgery

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Dr. Bieber is here to provide you a consultation on whether Stem Cell Therapy or PRP Therapy can help you heal your knee.  Call 212-268-8181 and speak with our staff about coming in for a consultation

We want to help you recover from a knee disability without having to endure surgery and it’s many months of painful rehabilitation.

By Benjamin Biebe

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