Male Hair Regrowth - ACell + PRP Hair Loss Treatment (NYC)

Male Hair Regrowth - ACell + PRP Hair Loss Treatment (NYC)
Male Hair Regrowth - ACell + PRP Hair Loss Treatment (NYC)

Male Hair Regrowth

Male Hair Growth

Some hair loss is to be expected as we age but consistent chronic hair loss can be reversed.   Hair loss occurs because hair follicles are dying prematurely.  The cells are dying, which stops hair growth.  The only way to cure hair loss is to repair these dying hair follicles and bring them back to life so they can produce consistent, dense hair growth.

Hair follicles, like all parts of the body, are made up of cells and when these cells die, the function of the hair follicle goes with it.  The way to create hair regrowth and reverse the process of hair loss is to physically repair these cells and regenerate new cells to replace the dead ones.  This is simpler than you think with modern medical technology.

Using a combination of ACell and PRP Therapy for male hair growth it is possible to regenerate healthy hair follicle cells that replaced damaged tissue.  The hair follicle, now made up of healthy cells, can function as the body intends it to and begin growing hair again.  Hair regrowth is as simple as replacing dead cells with healthy ones.

Repair Hair Follicles So They Can Grow Hair Again

ACell is an FDA approved extracellular matrix.  This is like a spider web that attracts stem cells to the areas of hair loss.  Then stem cells transform into healthy hair follicle cells.  It is the job of stem cells to repair cell tissue damage.  Stem cells are kind of like the repair man of the body.  When the cells of the body break down, stem cells repair the body part.  They do this by physically transforming themselves into healthy tissue that replaces damaged tissue.

An unhealthy hair follicle is made up of unhealthy cells and so, the hair follicle cannot grow hair.  But a healthy hair follicle, made up of healthy cells can grow hair.  ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy provides new and healthy cells for hair follicles to use.

PRP or platelet rich plasma is made up of platelets found in the body.  These platelets are one of the body’s most powerful healing cells.  For example, when you get a cut, platelets form a blood clot to stop the bleeding and repair damaged skin.  PRP contains over 30 growth factors that are like mini laser repairing the damaged cells of a hair follicle.  The combination of ACell + PRP make a powerful repair tool kit for dying hair follicles.

It is possible to stop hair loss and create new hair growth.  All that needs to be done is to repair dying hair follicles at the cellular level and ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy does exactly this

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