New York 2016 ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy

New York 2016 ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy

Grow Back Your Own Natural Hair

Acell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy naturally grows back hair in cases of severe hair loss and alopecia and does so by correcting damaged hair follicles.  One of the core problems of hair loss is damaged hair follicles.  Whether it’s sun damage, dry scalp, shrunken hair follicles, or inflammation, hair follicles cannot grow hair strands or continue grow less hair strands than normal.  Different forms of alopecia, hair loss, hair thinning, and male or female pattern baldness may cause this process.

What if we could fix damaged hair follicles, making them healthy again so they can grow your own hair consistently?  This is what Dr. Benjamin Bieber has helped his patients accomplish.  Using Acell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy, it is possible to heal hair follicles and produce a healthy environment for hair to grow.

What Is Acell + PRP?

Acell is a form of stem cells.  It is an FDA approved extracellular matrix product.  Once placed into the areas of hair loss, these stem cells physically transform into hair follicle cells and repair older damaged cells.  Acell also acts as a structure to attract stem cells throughout the scalp to the areas where the most hair loss is occurring.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is used in combination with Acell.  PRP, made from platelets, contain over 30 growth factors to heal and repair damaged hair follicle tissue.  PRP is also great at repairing blood vessels.  By adding new blood flow to the area, the hair follicles receive increased “nourishment” from a new blood supply.

Dr. Bieber is having great success helping his patients grow back their own natural hair and most patients are seeing significant hair growth between the 3 to 6 month mark after the hair treatment.  Continued hair growth, because it is naturally aligned with creating healthy hair follicle tissue, can last between 3 to 5 years.

Many patients and new outlets like ABC and NBC are discussing the benefits of PRP hair treatments.  Acell makes PRP hair treatment even more powerful.  While success can never be guaranteed, Acell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy has a high success rate in our office helping our patients grow back their own natural hair consistently.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber has 30 years of experience figuring out causes of a variety of severe medical conditions and specializes in non-surgically treating these injuries.  Hair follicle damage is an injury.  Whether it’s sun damaged, dry, shrunken, or swollen and therefore, unable to grow hair, if we can fix this injury, than hair follicles will grow new hair and that is what this hair treatment can do.

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By Benjamin Bieber

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