New York ACell + PRP Hair Restoration Treatment

New York ACell + PRP Hair Restoration Treatment
New York ACell + PRP Hair Restoration Treatment

Reviving Your Hair

The truth is that millions of people loose much of their hair each year and this process of hair loss and hair thinning continues well into old age. Thankfully, the power of ACell + PRP natural hair treatment corrects the core root of this problem, which is damaged and dying hair follicles.

While other treatments transplant hair or temporarily rejuvenate hair follicles, the reason so many people are turning to ACell + PRP treatment is because this treatment actually restores and replaces unhealthy hair follicles giving them again full life to produce new and natural hair.

This is what we mean by correcting the main cause of hair loss which is dying hair follicles. When a cell dies, it needs to be replaced. Currently, this can only be done through ACell + PRP hair treatment. Our natural hair restoration procedure is non-surgical applying only a special injection technique perfected by Dr. Benjamin Bieber.

Dr. Bieber has helped tens of thousands of patients in over 30 years as a practicing physician and in all these years has never seen a hair treatment with as a high a success rate as ACell + PRP hair treatment.

ACell And PRP Combination Cell Therapy

Hair follicles and hair growth depend on two things. One is a constant and healthy supply of blood flow to nourish the hair follicle and the second is healthy cells that comprise the hair follicle. This treatment provides a stimulation of both when we use both PRP and ACell and here’s how:

PRP hair treatment, or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, is composed of platelets. Platelets are colorless blood cells that are specifically designed to repair blood vessel damage adding new blood flow to different areas of the body where they are needed.

ACell is a Stem Cell. Stem Cells are found everywhere in the body like platelets. When the body has an injury, stem cells transform themselves into the type of cell the body needs to heal itself at the time. In the case of the scalp, there isn’t enough stem cells to continually replenish dying hair follicles. ACell, once in the scalp, forms itself into healthy cells utilized by hair follicles to again create healthy hair follicles.

By adding a natural composite of both PRP and ACell to the scalp, we can replenish dying cells with new healthy cells and repair any circulation problems that are causing hair follicles to die at a quicker rate. This treatment not only stops hair follicles from dying but also restores their health and by treating this core root of the problem, hair follicles can do again what they are supposed to do, which is grow hair.

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Dr. Bieber’s non-surgical and natural hair restoration shows positive results for alopecia, hair thinning, and male and female pattern baldness. Call (718) 835-0100 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Bieber today!

By Benjamin Bieber

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