NY Mets Lose Starter Jon Niese to Shoulder Injury

NY Mets Lose Starter Jon Niese to Shoulder Injury

NY Mets starter Jon Niese left Thursdays Game against the Atlanta Braves due to apparent shoulder discomfort.  According to ESPN.com he has been suffering from left shoulder tendonitis. 

In order to diagnose common shoulder problems, we first have to delve into what this anatomical structure actually consists of, which is really just several joints that combine with tendons and muscles to actually allow for the wide range of motion in the arm, ranging from scratching your back to taking that jump shot.

However, through over exertion or just hitting that old age mark, your mobility will start to diminish. It may lead to increasing problems with instability or impingement of your shoulder resulting in pain.  Most shoulder problems fall into 4 major categories, tendon inflammation, instability, arthritis or a plain old fracture and some common treatments for these conditions include activity changes, medications or surgery. But, how about avoiding surgery with less invasive procedures?

A simple injection can be administered to treat tendon inflammation or if it’s a more severe issue such as partial rotator cuff tears, glenoid labrum tears or joint arthritis Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is highly recommended. It is a simple procedure, which will actually regenerate your own body’s tissue, using components of your own body’s blood. In addition, it is performed under ultrasound guidance to allow for accurate needle placement.

If you’re wondering where you can get treatment for shoulder problems for yourself or a loved one or other musculoskeletal issues Cross Bay Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, P.C. is a wonderful facility with an excellent staff that aim’s to promote high quality treatment and patient satisfaction.

By Benjamin Bieber

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