Prolozone Oxygen Therapy - Cure Chronic Pain And Injury

Prolozone Oxygen Therapy - Cure Chronic Pain And Injury
Prolozone Oxygen Therapy - Cure Chronic Pain And Injury

Prolozone Therapy - Free Yourself From Chronic Pain

Prolozone Therapy is a permanent treatment for chronic pain.  It is natural, non-surgical, and healthy.  Ozone is an energized form of oxygen, the second most powerful sterilizer in the world used to destroy viruses and bacteria.  Most people know ozone in regards to the “ozone layer” that circles the earth.  Ozone (O3) has one extra atom of oxygen than the normal two atoms that we breathe.  In short, this natural compound is used throughout nature and benefits mankind.

One of the most essential tools used by the body to heal itself is to oxygenate the body and damaged tissue.  In Prolozone Therapy, we are further oxygenating damaged tissue in structured and stimulated healing process.  During treatment, first, a homeopathic medication is applied to the injury to relieve inflammation.  Next, the area is treated with vitamins and minerals excellent for healing and finally, ozone is applied to oxygenate damaged tissue.

This process mimics the body’s conventional method of healing but amplifies the healing response.  The success rate for the treatment is incredibly high in it’s ability to permanently heal a wide range of injuries from chronic neck and back pain to Arthritis, tendon tears, and ligament tears.  There is a 75% chance that Prolozone therapy can help the patient become permanently pain free because it actually corrects the pathology of the disorder.

Safe Alternative To Surgery

As a physician with over three decades of experience, it is one of the most powerful treatments that I’ve witnessed to non-surgically cure chronic Orthopedic injury and disease.  Prolozone stops the constant pain/inflammation cycle and repairs lax structures such as partially torn ligaments.  Further, the application of ozone improves circulation allowing for increased carrying of nutrition and hydration to damaged tissues.  In this new environment, the injured tissue has a much better chance of healing.

Orthopedic Medicine is moving more and more toward non-surgical treatment and there are now a range of non-surgical treatments effective at healing a wide range of injuries that once needed surgery.  Some of these treatments included Stem Cell Therapy, PRP Therapy, and now Prolozone Therapy.  It is now possible to treat severe injuries and medical conditions homeopathic, naturally occurring cells and compounds.    

I am confident that I can find a treatment that give provide you success in healing your injury, relieve your pain, and provide you with normal, pain-free movement.  Call (718) 835-0100 and schedule your consultation today.

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