PRP + Acell Hair Growth Treatment - New York

PRP + Acell Hair Growth Treatment - New York
PRP + Acell Hair Growth Treatment - New York

Hair Loss Treatment

PRP + Acell Hair Restoration repairs the damaged hair follicles in the scalp. Hair follicle have relatively short lifecycle and if a hair follicle cannot be regenerated, the person loses their hair strands.

PRP + Acell focuses on regenerating the hair follicle so that it can grow hair again consistently. PRP adds new blood flow circulation to the hair follicle and Acell attracts much needed Stem Cells to restore damaged cells and create new healthy cells.

This hair treatment can help both men and women for Alopecia, male and female pattern baldness, hair thinning, and hair loss. Dr. Benjamin Bieber M.D. has been helping patients for over 30 years in the medical profession as an Orthopaedic physician and because of the use of PRP + Acell, Dr. Bieber has been able to achieve extraordinary successes with many of his patients.

This same procedure is used in many fields of medicine. PRP is a go to resource for some of the top sport professionals in the word like Kobe Bryant who praises it’s benefits. PRP is natural and works in accordance to your own body because it is made using your own blood. During treatment, blood will be taken to create PRP.

Correcting Hair Follicle Damage

The goal is to correct, repair, and replace hair follicles. By replacing damaged cells with healthy cells, it is possible to dramatically increase the hair grown in many of the hair follicles.

Acell specifically attracts Stem Cells to the areas on your scalp where hair growth is most needed. Stem cells are cells in the body that is able to transform into many types of tissue the body needs. Once more stem cells are attracted to the scalp, they can go to work to transform dying hair follicles.

Send Us Your Photographs!

To begin treatment, first send photographs of your scalp to I will personally review your photographs and if this treatment can help, our stem cell specialist, Dana, will call you to schedule an appointment for your hair treatment. You can also call (718) 835-0100 if you have any questions. Our offices are located in New York, New York and Queens, New York.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you grow new, long-lasting hair.

Benjamin Bieber

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