PRP Hair Restoration Treatment With ACell

PRP Hair Restoration Treatment With ACell
PRP Hair Restoration Treatment With ACell

PRP Hair Restoration With ACell

Hair Restoration Therapy with PRP + ACell helps repair hair follicles by creating increased blood flow and adding new healthy cells to replace damaged hair follicles. Many hair follicles on one's head are shrunken, miniaturized, and swollen not allowing hair strands to grow.

This blockage is largely due to a lack of blood flow and healthy cell tissue. Blood “nourishes” hair follicles and one of PRP’s main benefits is that it repairs blood vessel damage and adds new blood vessels. This is a better PRP therapy than just regular PRP as ACell provides the healthy cells that repalce damaged hair follicle cells.


ACell is an FDA approved cellular regeneration product. It attracts stem cells to the needed area and in the case of hair restoration, stem cells repair hair follicle dysfunction.

Stem Cells are located throughout the body and are able to transform into different types of tissue. In the scalp, stem cells create healthy hair follicles where there was once damage and as a result, increases the natural growth of hair. This PRP hair treatment procedure is helpful to people suffering from alopecia, male and female pattern baldness, and hair thinning.

The process of this procedure is very simple. First, you send your photographs to Send photos of different angles of your scalp and Dr. Bieber will determine if this treatment can help you. Next, we'll schedule a time for the hair procedure or you can schedule a time for a consultation with Dr. Bieber.

During the actual hair treatment, a sample of blood is drawn to create PRP. The scalp is numbed and then the PRP + ACell is injected using a special injection technique into the scalp. Afterwards you are free to go about normal restful activities.

Compared to PRP treatments, where you need 3-4 treatments, with ACell, you only need 1 treatment to see great results. Dr. Benjamin Bieber uses PRP + ACell hair treatment to allow the scalp to grow new hair reversing the annoying process of hair loss. ACell is extremely beneficial to this treatment.

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