PRP Hair Treatment New York

PRP Hair Treatment New York
PRP Hair Treatment New York

Amazing Hair Growith W/ PRP + Acell

Natural hair growth is accomplished by changing damaged hair follicles.  As scalp cells deteriorate, they become dry and shrink.  Such shrunken hair follicles can no longer grow strands of hair.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies PRP + Acell Hair Treatment to regenerate these dying hair follicles, making them healthy and as a result, able to grow hair again.  The scalp is significantly covered the patient's natural hair.

Both PRP and Acell are natural organic materials and encourage the creation of new healthy cells that replace and restore old damaged hair follicles and also fuel new blood flow to the scalp.  Inceased blood flow means a consistent flow of nutrients to the scalp keeping hair growing from hair follicles.

Many of my patients have been surprised and amazed at the new level of hair growth after just one treatment.  Male and female patients suffering from Alopecia, baldness, and hair thinning have been able to reverse their hair loss condition.

How It Works

I will explain a little about how powerful the combination of PRP + Acell is to produce hair growth. 

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a dense organic material made from platelets.  Platelets are colorless blood cells taken directly from the patient’s blood.  Dr. Bieber, through a special centrifugation system, activates over 30 growth factors in these blood cells to stimulate the growth of healthy tissue andrepair damaged blood vessels.  Once injected into the scalp, these platelets go to work adding a significant blood flow to the entire scalp and fixing damaged hair follicles.

Acell is used to attract Stem Cells to the hair loss areas of the scalp.  Stem Cells are everywhere in a person’s body but in areas of traumatic injury, such as hair follicles damage, all stem cells have already been used.  By applying Acell to the Scalp, new stem cells are attracted to the area and then can create healthy cells for hair follicle to utilize.

I have helped patients for over 30 years and in all this time have never seen a hair treatment with a higher success rate to consistently produce natural hair growth in my patients.

Schedule Your Consultation Today!

First, please send us pictures of your scalp at  I will personally look at these pictures to determine if you are a good candidate for PRP + Acell Hair Restoration Treatment.  If you then qualify, my hair restoration specialist, Dana, will call you to schedule an appointment for your treatment.  Thank you and we look forward to helping you achieve a healthy scalp with new hair growth!

By Benjamin Bieber

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