Reduce Arthritis Pain - Stem Cell Injection

Reduce Arthritis Pain - Stem Cell Injection
Reduce Arthritis Pain - Stem Cell Injection

Reduce Arthritis Pain

Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy provide the first ever non-surgical arthritis treatment that reverses the degenerative process of arthritis.  Arthritis is a condition where cartilage degenerates causing bone-to-bone friction in the joints that is the source of one's pain, disability, and inflammation.  This constant rubbing is a nuisance leaving one in constant pain and unable to do the activities that they may enjoy.  

A pain free life is often central to feeling good and it is about time that a non-surgical treatment has arisen that actually produces new and healthy cartilage in the body.  By applying Stem Cells and PRP, it is possible to regrow cartilage that will act as an important shock absorber between bones. 

Stem Cell Injection

Dr. Benjamin Bieber can use stem cells in the area of discomfort to create new cartilage.  Stem Cells are everywehre in a person's body and are able to transform into any type of tissue the body needs at the time to heal itself.  The problem is that with chronic medical conditions like arthritis that continually degenerate tissue, the stem cells are used up in the area.  

This is where we come in!  Dr. Bieber, using adult stem cells taken from the patient's own body, applies stem cells to the area with a special injection technique and ultrasound guidance.  These stem cells once in the vicinity of the damaged joint are signaled by the brain to create healthy tissue.  New healthy tissue forming cartilage then increasingly blocks bone-bone-friction.  

Our patients are able to significantly reduce the pain and disability that they experience through this method.  At the same time, Dr. Bieber also adds PRP to the damaged area to not only repair damaged tissue but also repair blood vessel damage.  Adding new circulation to the area helps nourish the cells keeping them healthy for longer. 

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