Reverse Arthritis With Stem Cell Therapy (NYC)

Reverse Arthritis With Stem Cell Therapy (NYC)
Reverse Arthritis With Stem Cell Therapy (NYC)

Add Cartilage To Your Joints And Avoid Surgery

As a Rehabilitation Physician with over three decades of experience, I help my patients non-surgically treat Arthritis pain.  Perhaps, the most effective treatment that can act as a safe and effective alternative to joint replacement surgery is Stem Cell Therapy.  Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis reverses the breakdown of cartilage tissue by adding new and healthy cartilage to the joint protecting the joint again from bone-on-bone friction.  Stem Cells physically transform into healthy cartilage tissue that repairs current damaged tissue or adds tissue where none can be found.

Stem cells are actually everywhere in a person’s body and are able to transform into a wide range to tissue.  When a part of the body breaks down like muscle, ligament, or cartilage tissue, stem cells transform into the type of tissue needed to keep the body healthy.  Unfortunately, in a chronic condition such as Arthritis, there is not a continued source of stem cells after they get used up in the area.

This is where a new boost of stem cells can drastically improve your Arthritic condition.  By adding a new boost of stem cells, we are giving your body more of the tools it needs to heal itself creating a significant decrease in pain and improvement in mobility.  Stem Cells are taken from the patient’s own body, either from fat tissue or bone marrow.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Importantly, this treatment does not further injury your joint or invasively apply a new joint as with surgery.  Stem Cell Therapy is accomplished through a simple injection.  The healing process aligns with the body’s naturally recovery.  Within weeks, patients begin to notice a difference as the stem cells transform into cartilage tissue.  Continued Physical Therapy can then further help the area to grow in strength and mobility.

It’s vital to explore every option before undergoing surgery since surgery may come with unintended consequences such as long-term muscle or joint weakness.  A simple Stem Cell treatment can help you reverse the process of Arthritis by adding new cartilage to the joint allowing you to move without significant pain.

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