Stem Cell Alternative To Knee Surgery (New York)

Stem Cell Alternative To Knee Surgery (New York)

Many of my patients have been recommended for surgery or have tried to leave their knee injury alone to heal itself.  Not only is knee surgery invasive but it is also risky.  Patients may end up with long-term and unforeseen complications and disabling symptoms after surgery.  Allowing the knee to heal on it’s own from a traumatic injury also has it’s set backs as the knee will most likely not fully heal and a person is left with long-term painful and disabling symptoms

Dr. Benjamin Bieber at Cross Bay PMR applied Stem Cell Therapy to accelerate the recovery period of a knee injury.  Stem Cells have proven successful at regenerating knee tears and arthritis and act as a safe and effective alternative to knee surgery

Stem Cell Injection

Stem Cells are everywhere in a person’s body and transform into healthy cells the body needs to heal itself.  Everyday, the body degenerates and regenerates through stem cells with the body’s daily movements.

Again, stem cells are able to transform into the type of cell the body needs to heal itself.  In a traumatic injury, there aren’t enough stem cells to fully regenerate the injury and a person is left with chronic pain and immobility.  This is where Dr. Bieber applies stem cells

Adding a boost of stem cells to the knee, the stem cells become healthy tissue utilized by the knee to repair itself.  A stem cell injection for the knee gives the knee the edge it needs to be able to heal itself and if successful, a person may only then need physical therapy to finish the healing process

Dr. Bieber takes stem cells from the patient’s own body, either through fat tissue or bone marrow and then immediately re-injects these stem cells into the knee to begin the healing process.  Signs of success take 4-6 weeks before a patient will notice the difference

The risk of surgery is great and the risk of doing nothing is just as great.  A stem cell knee treatment can repair the knee non-surgically and it is all done through a simple injection technique.  If you don’t want surgery and don’t want to wait it out, come in and see Dr. Bieber for a consultation.

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By Benjamin Bieber

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