Stem Cell Injection - Knee NY

Stem Cell Injection - Knee NY
Stem Cell Injection - Knee NY

Stem Cell Therapy To Heal Knee Pain and Injury

Stem Cell Therapy is a viable, safe, and effective alternative to complex and risky knee surgery.  Many patients are able to completely avoid the risks of knee replacement surgery because Stem Cell Therapy can repair damaged and torn tissue in the knee.

Stem Cells are everywhere in a person’s body.  One of their main functions is to transform into healthy tissue that the body needs.  In severe and traumatic injuries, most of the stem cells are used but the knee is still unable to fully repair the torn ligaments, tendons, and cartilage due to the extent of the injury.  This is why surgery is needed; to finish a job that the body doesn't have the tools to do.

With a stem cell injection,  Dr. Benjamin Bieber adds more tools for the knee to utilize in the repair of it’s damaged tissue.  The additional stem cells creates new healthy tissue and restores damaged tissue providing the knee a chance to accelerate the recovery and at the very least, get to a point where the knee can continue to naturally heal itself without invasive knee surgery.

Fixing a Tendon Tear or Arthritis 

Many of my patients have been able to repair partially torn ACL’s, LCL’s, and MCL's with this procedure.  This stem cell knee treatment is non-surgical and applies a special injection technique to complete.  Stem Cells are harnessed from either the fat tissue or bone marrow of the patient, separated from other materials, and then injected into the knee.

Stem cells also can create new cartilage tissue that helps soften the bone-to-bone friction of arthritis and thereby, reversing the degenerative process of one's arthritis.

Dr. Bieber is one of the only doctors in the world applying both Stem Cell Therapy simultaneously with ultrasound guidance.  Using ultrasound guidance, Dr. Bieber can pinpoint the areas of injury perfectly that need stem cells while doing the actual injection.  In this way, there is a higher success rate and greater chance to maximize the possibility of healing the knee.

In this non-surgical procedure, there are no hospital visits or overnight stays.  Treatment takes around two hours to complete and you are free to leave afterwards and engage calm, restful activities.

Dr. Bieber has helped patients for over thirty years treating complex knee injuries and Stem Cell Therapy represents a great leap forward in non-surgical orthopedic medicine.  Many patients are able to avoid the risks and long-term rehabilitation of surgery after a stem cell treatment.

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By Benjamin Bieber

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