Stem Cell Knee Alternative Treatment

Stem Cell Knee Alternative Treatment

Knee Treatment With Stem Cells

Traumatic knee injuries happen everyday.  In fact, there are 600,000 knee replacement surgeries performed each year in the United States.  Dr. Benjamin Bieber’s goal is to treat traumatic knee injuries such as ACL, MCL, LCL tears and chronic osteoarthritis non-surgically.

Through Stem Cell Therapy, a simple stem cell injection holds the possibility of completely healing traumatic knee injuries.  This procedure is low risk because it applies a simple injection technique to perform.

Stem cells are everywhere in a persons body.  They act as a neutral cell that can transform into any type of cell the body needs to repair tissue whether thats ligaments, tendons, or cartilage.  Unfortunately, during a traumatic injury, there often aren’t enough stem cells to fully repair knee damage.

Injection With Stem Cells

Dr. Bieber applies a boost of stem cells that creates knew and healthy tissue to be utilized by the knee.  Once signaled by the brain, the stem cells transform into the type of tissue the knee needs to accelerate the repair of knee damage.  It is possible to accelerate the recovery of the knee with Stem Cell Therapy and then only need perhaps Physical Therapy to finish of the recovery of a traumatic knee injury.

Stem Cells are taken during the procedure from either the patient’s fat tissue or bone marrow.  In many cases, Stem Cell Therapy is combine with PRP Therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy to increase the potential success rate.

PRP Therapy is a go to treatment for many athletes trying to avoid surgery and get back to their sport as quickly as possible.  Athletes like Kobe Bryant have used PRP Therapy and speak of it’s successes in their careers.

Platelet Rich Plasma contains over 30 growth factors to accelerate tissue repair and it is great at repairing blood vessel damage to add blow flow to the area with it’s consistent flow of nutrients.

The main idea is that you may not need surgery and that Stem Cell Therapy is a way for your to possibly avoid surgery and it’s inherent risks, complications, and painful rehabilitation.  If you are just looking for a way to speed up recovery, Stem Cell Therapy is also a great option rather than trying to let a bad injury heal on it’s own, which can lead to life-long symptoms.

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By Benjamin Bieber

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