Stem Cell Therapy Creates Hair Growth - Where To Find Stem Cell Treatments

Stem Cell Therapy Creates Hair Growth - Where To Find Stem Cell Treatments
Stem Cell Therapy Creates Hair Growth - Where To Find Stem Cell Treatments

As we get older, a whole range of physical changes will occur like hair loss or hair thinning. Many solutions in the past have arisen for this problem but no solution has actually provided a cure or drastically reversed the condition of hair loss. This is what Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can finally do!

The most popular treatments for hair loss have either been surgery (moving one’s hair to different parts of the scalp) or topical medications like Rogaine, which revitalize hair growth. For many, Rogaine doens't work and even if it does, it normally works for only several months.

In orthopedic medicine, break throughs using platelet rich plasma are happening and are being applied to the scalp, reversing the condition of hair loss and helping people not only avoid hair thinning and baldness but also completely regrow thick, colored, and new hair. Conditions such as scalp dryness and itching are also tremendously improved.

The platelet rich plasma (PRP) that we use in our office is non-controversial. PRP come from your own blood. The platelet rich plasma is then injected into the scalp in the spots where there is hair loss and hair thinning and the platelet rich plasma stimulates the stem cells, increases collagen and elastin production in the scalp and regenerates damaged hair follicles (the cause of your hair loss).

In the case of hair thinning and hair loss, the hair follicles, have become damaged or shrunken past the point of repair and therefore are unable to grow new hair. The platelet rich plasma treatments offers you a non invasive therapy to regrow your hair without the need for major surgery such as hair transplantation.

PRP for hair loss physically repairs your damaged hair follicles, restoring damaged tissue and creating new and healthy tissue. The activated stem cells transform themselves into the tissue your scalp needs to be healthy. Because the scalp and it’s hair follicles are again healthy, they can again grow hair. Hair Restoration Therapy using PRP is this simple.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber has used PRP for hair growth with many of his patients and has a proven track record of success, where patients, after only several weeks, notice significant hair growth. This procedure provides a long-term solution to the problem of hair loss. It is recommended that PRP therapy be repeated every 10 months to ensure a continued healthy scalp and to prevent hair loss and thinning.

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Cross Bay PMR is located in Howard Beach, Queens. For a consultation to determine if Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy can help you reverse the process of hair loss and help you grow thicker hair, call 718-835-0100 today!

PRP Therapy has a proven track record for treating various types of alopecia, hair thinning, and male and female pattern baldness. Call 718-835-0100 today and schedule your consultation!

By Benjamin Bieber

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