Stem Cell Therapy For Arthritis in New York

Stem Cell Therapy For Arthritis in New York
Stem Cell Therapy For Arthritis in New York

Relieve Arthritis Pain With Stem Cell

What if I were to tell you that there was a way to non-surgically reverse your arthritis condition, significantly relieving arthritic pain and help you regain consistent mobility. This is now possible with Stem Cell Therapy for arthritis.

For years, people suffering from arthritis have been told that they need joint surgery for bone on bone arthritis and are told their is no cure for arthritis. While Stem Cell Therapy is not a cure, it actually repairs and regenerates cartilage tissue giving you a new start.

Stem cells are quite amazing. They are a specific type of cell that can transform into many types of cells when signaled by the brain to do so. With arthritis, the constant degeneration of cartilage tissue quickly uses up all the nearby stem cells forcing the colliding of the bones at the joint. This is the reason for pain, inflammation, and mobility.

Once your arthritis gets to a point of bone on bone, many surgeons recommend surgery because there isn’t enough “testing” for Stem Cell Therapy but if we waited for research to catch up medically to all the wonderful alternative medicines, millions of people today would be suffering from various diseases.

Stem Cell Therapy works because I have had consistent success with my patients and research does indicate the advantages of stem cells, just there is no stamp of guaranteed approval by the medical community at large.

Non-Surgical Alternative To Joint

The thing is, the alternative option of Stem Cell Therapy is invasive joint surgery. One always has an option to undergo surgery but I recommend to my patients to try Stem Cell Therapy first. This way they can potentially avoid surgery with a simple non-surgical stem cell injection. Again, you don’t see any results, you can then get surgery anyway.

Once the stem cells are placed inside the joint using ultrasound guidance, the stem cells physically repair and replace damaged cartilage tissue. This new cartilage acts as a “shock absorber” for the joint and the pains of bone on bone friction are diminished.

Stem Cell Therapy works for any joint in the body. I, Dr. Benjamin Bieber, derive these adult stem cells from the patient’s body, either through fat tissue or bone marrow and then immediately, inject them back into the body with ultrasound guidance.

Stem Cell Therapy is the most advanced non-surgical treatment for arthritis and has a high success rate to repair damaged cartilage. It is the best treatment to help your diminish arthritis pain and increase mobility that I have witnessed in my 30 year career as a Sports Medicine and Physical Rehabilitation physiatrist.

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