Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Arthritis

Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Arthritis
Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Arthritis

Relieve Arthritic Knee Pain And Add Cartilage To Your Knee

Arthritis in the knee is a disabling condition characterized by inflammation, pain, and stiffness. Unfortunately, the cartilage in the knee deteriorates leading to painful bone on bone friction and ultimately, joint replacement surgery is recommended. Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis helps patients relieve significant knee pain, stiffness, inflammation, and disability.

The true problem of arthritis is deteriorating cartilage as a constant state of inflammation causes the cartilage to break down.  This cartilage in the knee acts as a “shock absorber” to the knee’s movements and without such cartilage, a tremendous amount of friction and pressure is placed on the joint as bone hits bone during movement.

Again, one of the main treatments for severe arthritis is joint replacement surgery but this surgery is extremely risky and invasive with unforeseen complications and disability looming in the future.  Joint replacement surgery does not cure or make better the condition of arthritis itself but rather replaces the joint with a metal bearing.

Patients still experience stiffness, weakness, and immobility with an artificial joint.  It can be universally agreed upon that if possible, surgery should be avoided at all costs

Recently, Stem Cell Therapy has made it’s way onto the medical scene as a promise to reverse the process of arthritis and minimize pain and inflammation naturally.  This treatment is non-surgical, requires no hospital visits, and is minimally invasive

Stem Cell Therapy In New York

Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. is helping patients at his New York private practice see tremendous improvement with Stem Cell Therapy because by using adult stem cells, or stem cells taken from the patient’s own body, and then re-applying these stem cells to the knee joint, it is possible to regenerate new cartilage tissue

Additional cartilage tissue replaces damaged tissue and fills in for lost tissue again acting as that much needed “shock absorber” in the joint.  Patients are experiencing new levels of mobility after Stem Cell Therapy as inflammation, pain, and stiffness decreases due to the birth of new cartilage.

Stem Cells are vital to the body’s everyday function.  They are located everywhere in the body and as the body’s muscles, ligaments, tissues, and organs deteriorate through daily “wear and tear”, surrounding stem cells physically transform into varied types of tissue replacing old and dying cell tissue.

Once stem cells are applied to the knee joint, they are signaled by the brain to physically transform into what that joint needs to maintain it’s full health or recover from injury.  These stem cells begin to transform themselves into cartilage tissue that now reverses the degenerative process of arthritis

The stem cells used in this treatment come from the patient’s own body during treatment.  Stem Cells are harvested from either fat tissue or bone marrow and then, immediately injected into the joint making this treatment safe for the individual. 

Surgery is always an option but Stem Cell Therapy is offering a safe and effective non-surgical alternative to minimizing arthritic disability and pain.

Dr. Bieber is able to help your relieve a large percentage of your arthritic pain through non-surgical Stem Cell Therapy.

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