Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Injuries

Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Injuries
Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Injuries

Repair Severe Knee Injuries With Stem Cell

Stem Cell Therapy is an advanced non-surgical treatment that Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies to repair tissue damage in the knee. Often, knee injuries are too severe to heal completely on their own, which is why surgeons recommend surgery or a person suffers long-term symptoms

This can be avoided with stem cells. Stem cells are everywhere in a person’s body. Their job is to repair damaged cell tissue wherever it is. The problem with a knee injury is that often the extent of the knee damage surpasses the ability of the stem cells to repair the injury. There also may just not be enough stem cells to physically repair the knee

This is when a doctor will recommend surgery though the effectiveness of knee surgery is still in question. In fact, many people, as they age, develop small tears in their meniscus and surgery has shown to be largely ineffective in helping this injury to heal.

Avoid Surgery Or Repair A Long-Term Injury

Surgery is invasive and risky, which is why Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. has spent his 30 year long career discovering the best non-surgical treatments for orthopedic injuries. Stem Cell Therapy for knee injuries is extremely effective at repairing tendon and ligament damage in the knee.

Dr. Bieber uses adult stem cells that are derived from the patient’s own body. Dr. Bieber retrieves stem cells from either the patient’s fat tissue or bone marrow and then immediately injects the stem cells into the knee where the injury is.

The stem cells then begin to repair and replace tissue damage in the knee accelerating the rate of recovery. Many athletes likes Hines Ward have used Stem Cell Therapy to avoid season ending surgery.

Dr. Bieber uses ultrasound guidance, which is an advanced imaging system, while injecting the stem cells in order to see the best possible spot to place the stem cells. Dr. Bieber has had a high success rate at significantly improving orthopedic knee injuries such as acl, lcl, mcl, and meniscus tears with Stem Cell Therapy such that surgery was effectively avoided

Also, if you have suffered with knee pain for months or years and decided against surgery, you are also a candidate for Stem Cell Therapy. Because surgery is so invasive, it is beneficial for most people to try this treatment before undergoing surgery. Many people rapidly heal with stem cells and then find out that they don’t need surgery and if Stem Cell Therapy is ineffective, surgery is still an option

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