Stem Cell Therapy To Avoid Orthopedic Surgery (New York)

Stem Cell Therapy To Avoid Orthopedic Surgery (New York)
Stem Cell Therapy To Avoid Orthopedic Surgery (New York)

How To Avoid Surgery With Stem Cells

Many professional athletes are choosing to receive non-surgical Stem Cell Therapy rather than invasive orthopedic surgery after an injury. Stem Cell Therapy has a proven track record as a safe and effective alternative to surgery. If you are considering surgery for ligament or tendon injury, you may want to first consider Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem Cells are everywhere in a person’s body. They act as a “neutral” cell able to transform into many types of different tissue regenerating the body by repairing damaged tissue. Unfortunately, in a traumatic injury or degenerative medical condition such as arthritis, there simple aren’t enough stem cells in the area to continuously regenerate new and healthy tissue. This is where Dr. Bieber applies a boost of Stem Cells to the are of injury.

Stem Cells are derived in either fat tissue or bone marrow and then immediately injected into the area of injury using an imaging guidance system. Stem Cell Therapy is perhaps the largest advancement in Sports Medicine in the last one hundred years because it will begin replacing tens of thousands of surgeries each year once it becomes widely known. This non-interventional approach is much less risky than surgery and avoids surgery’s invasiveness, long-term painful rehabilitation, and potential life-long complications.

First Try Stem Cells!!!

Another great side note to Stem Cell Therapy is that you can try Stem Cell Therapy and then if you don’t notice a difference in a few months, you can always get surgery. You can try Stem Cell Therapy first.

Another treatment similar to Stem Cell Therapy is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP Therapy and is another main non-surgical treatment people are using as an effective alternative to surgery for orthopedic injuries. Importantly, Dr. Bieber often combines both PRP Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy in his treatment increasing the healing effect of the treatment. Depending on the severity of your injury, Dr. Bieber will decided whether you should have Stem Cell Therapy, PRP Therapy, or a combination of both.

This treatment lasts a few hours and is all done in one session. There are no hospital visits or overnight stays. You are free to return to normal, restful activity after this treatment. There are many different types of injuries treated by Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy. You can call us to find out if your medical condition can be treated with Stem Cell Therapy

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