Stem Cell Therapy To End Arthritis Pain And Avoid Surgery

Stem Cell Therapy To End Arthritis Pain And Avoid Surgery
Stem Cell Therapy To End Arthritis Pain And Avoid Surgery

Repair Damaged Cartilage With Stem Cells

Arthritis is a degenerative process that breaks down the cartilage in the joint. It can wreak havoc in any joint throughout the body causing chronic inflammation and disability. Currently, there is no known cure for Arthritis and many people suffering with Arthritis are recommended for joint replacement surgery. It is possible to fully repair a damaged joint without surgery.

Arthritis Stem Cell Treatment applies adult Stem Cells or Stem Cells taken from the patient’s own body to repair damaged cartilage tissue. Stem Cells are located throughout the body and birth new cell tissue to replace damaged tissue in the body. Because of the degenerative process of Arthritis, there aren’t enough Stem Cells to continuously regenerate cartilage tissue and with time, cartilage continues to break down leading to bone on bone friction.

The cartilage in the joint is supposed to act as a “shock absorber” to the body’s constant movements. It acts as protection against the pressure and stresses that your body undergoes during movement. Without such protection, the constant rubbing of the bones causes pain, inflammation, and disability.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. uses Stem Cell Therapy to help his patients relieve joint pain and gain back much needed mobility. Stem Cells are derived from either fat tissue or bone marrow and then immediately applied to the joint through a non-surgical injection technique. Stem Cell Therapy aligns with body’s healing process using Stem Cells to birth new and healthy tissue that can replace damaged cartilage and add new and healthy cartilage tissue to the joint. The addition of cartilage tissue offers significant protection from painful bone on bone friction and improves the mobility of the joint.

An Alternative To Joint Replacement Surgery

Stem Cell Therapy has proven effective for people suffering with Arthritis and can act as a safe and effective alternative to joint replacement surgery. Surgery is extremely invasive and risky. In joint replacement surgery, an artificial joint that is either metal, plastic, or ceramic, is implanted into the current Arthritic joint. This may leave a person with life-long symptoms including weakness and stiffness. It is always best to seek out a non-surgical solution before deciding upon invasive surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy may also be attempted before surgery. If successful, surgery can often be avoided and if unsuccessful, surgery is still an option. In many cases, Stem Cell Therapy improves the state of the joint allowing for a more effective and less invasive surgery.

Many of my patients see significant pain relief and an increase in mobility after Stem Cell Therapy. If you are looking for a non-surgical option to decrease Arthritis pain, Stem Cell Therapy will likely be a great service to you.

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