Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Your Hair

Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Your Hair
Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Your Hair

How To Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss is a significant problem affecting millions of Americans and is a grueling process to undergo. Fortunately, there is a healthy solution to stop hair loss and regrow your hair and it comes down to simple science. Hair follicles that are damaged cannot produce new and thick hair growth but Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. repairs damaged hair follicles at the cellular level. This creates a healthy hair follicle and healthy hair follicles renew hair growth.

Dr. Bieber applies ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy, a non-surgical treatment able to repair hair follicles. ACell is an extracellular matrix which is kind of like a spider web that attracts stem cells. These stem cells then transform into healthy hair follicle cells and replace damaged hair follicle cells. The environment of the hair follicles becomes healthy again and therefore, more hair follicles grow hair and hair loss stops

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is made from the platelets found in the blood. A quick blood sample is taken from the patient at the start of the treatment and then Dr. Bieber uses this sample to create PRP. PRP contains over 30 growth factors that are able to repair hair cell damage. When applied to the scalp, injured hair follicles rapidly heal. The combination of ACell + PRP provides a powerful treatment method to stop hair loss and create hair regrowth.

The success rate of an ACell + PRP treatment is much higher than a standalone PRP treatment. The same result is accomplished in one ACell + PRP treatment as four PRP stand alone treatments.

Hair loss can have many different causes but in order for hair to grow, the hair follicle needs to be healthy. You can be experiencing hair loss symptoms because of skin damage, inflammation, dietary issues, or genetic pre-disposition. It is possible to cure the causes of hair loss so that the continuation of hair loss stops all together and you grow back your hair. This treatment is to help regenerate your hair follicles faster giving you a boost in the right direction

By applying ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth, you are reversing the process of hair loss and you can work to uncover the deeper cause of why hair loss is occurring in the first place. This treatment is a safe and effective alternative to a Hair Transplant and will even boost the results of a hair transplant

If you are looking to reverse hair loss and grow back your hair, ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy has a high success rate to provide you this result.

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