Stop Hair Loss With ACell + Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy

Stop Hair Loss With ACell + Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy
Stop Hair Loss With ACell + Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy

Create New and Natural Hair Growth

Hair loss is a problem for millions of people around the world. Keeping your hair is often front and center to peoples’ minds that suffer from alopecia and hair thinning. Many hair treatments either cover up the problem like hair transplant or don’t do enough to help hair grow like topical creams.

Now, each year, tens of thousands of people are choosing ACell + PRP Hair Loss Therapy because it actually heals damaged hair follicles allowing dying hair follicles to regenerate and grow consistent new hair.

How ACell + PRP Hair Therapy Creates New Hair Growth

ACell + PRP applies the body’s own healing properties to repair hair follicles. See, the main reason people suffer hair loss is because their hair follicles are not working as they should. They are not growing hair as they should and this means that many hair follicles on the scalp of a person suffering from hair loss is damaged. The main question Dr. Bieber has tried to answer over a 30 year career as a physiatrist is how to non-surgically repair damaged cell tissue and this exactly what ACell + PRP do.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma contains over 30 growth factors to repair tissue and blood vessel damage. Once applies to hair follicles, PRP physically repairs the damaged cell tissue of hair follicles and even replaces damaged tissue with new healthy tissue. Platelet Rich Plasma is derived from the patient’s own blood. After a simple blood sample, PRP is created and then applied to the scalp to foster hair follicle repair.

In conjunction with Platelet Rich Plasma, ACell, an FDA approved extracellular matrix, is applied to the areas of hair loss as well. ACell acts as a physical structure to attract stem cells to the areas of the scalp with the most damaged hair hair follicles. Stem Cells then physically repair dying hair follicle tissue and form new healthy cells utilized by hair follicles to create a healthy environment for hair to growth.

As a result, an increasing amount of hair follicles are significantly repaired and as healthy hair follicles can actually and consistently produce new and natural hair growth. The reason this treatment is different from the rest and becoming extremely popular in the cosmetics industry is that ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth actually fixes the core problem of hair loss, which is the dying and damaged cells that prevent hair follicle health and hair growth.

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Dr. Benjamin Bieber has discovered ACell + PRP to be much more effective as a hair regrowth treatment than just applying PRP alone. Now, it is time to schedule your consultation visit with Dr. Bieber. Call (718) 835-0100 and schedule your consultation today!

By Benjamin Bieber

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