The Problem: Advance Arthritis

The Problem: Advance Arthritis
The Problem: Advance Arthritis

A 67-year-old gentleman with knee pain due to advanced arthritis wanted to walk for exercise, but the pain was too much. No matter what he tried, ice, heat, ibuprofen, massage, physical therapy, the latest and greatest pills, potions, and prayers, nothing seemed to give him the relief he was searching for.

Do you – or a loved one have this problem??

Does this scenario sound familiar?

What are some solutions other than surgery??

Regenerative Medicine is where Dr. Bieber uses your own blood plasma cell and stem cells from your bone to regenerative and repair your damaged joint or tendon.

Dr. Bieber performed a regenerative cell on this gentleman.

He was was back to his normal daily activities of walking again, enjoying life with his family as he was meant to do!

As a comprehensive treatment physical therapy is also recommended to improve your strength, balance, help you prevent injury and keep you functioning at your best.

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