What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy solution is a high concentration of platelets isolated and concentrated by the use of a bidirectional centrifuge. The most important function of platelets for many years was thought to aid in clotting of blood. Currently, this may represent the least important function since platelets contain a significant number of growth factors. PRP is increasingly used to speed up tendon and ligament healing after injury or surgery.  Platelets are an important part of the bodies healing response after injury and their concentrated growth factors are the theoretical reasons behind the use of PRP.

What are some conditions that PRP can treat?

The initial use for PRP was to treat tendon injuries, however its use has spread into surgical and non-surgical interventions.  PRP has been commonly used for chronic tendon injuries and has shown success in treating conditions ranging from tennis elbow, rotator cuff tears to osteoarthritis of the knees as well as other joints.

Who is getting PRP?

PRP has become more popular over the last several years as a treatment option for joint and tendon problems.  Tiger Woods (Pro Golfer), Rafel Nadal (Pro Tennis), Bartolo Colon (NY Yankees Pitcher), are just a few examples of many athletes who have been treated and have had major success with PRP treatments. Many professional sports teams are treating players with PRP to get them back in the game.

Where can I get PRP treatment?

If you live around the New York area, especially Howard Beach Queens, Benjamin Bieber M.D. at Cross Bay Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation P.C. administers PRP therapy along with other regenerative medicine procedures in his practice. If you have questions about this physician, or Regenerative Medicine, know that he has been in practice over 20 years and has finished his residency at the world famous Rusk Institute at NYU Medical Center. If you would like a more thorough look at this physician you can do so by checking out his website at www.crossbaypmr.com.

By Benjamin Bieber

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