Knee Repair

Non-Surgical Knee Repair

With a severe knee injury, many doctors recommend and urge surgery right away. Not only do they, as surgeons, have a stake in committing you to surgery but many are unaware of Cell therapy, a treatment method that is now considered by physicians to be an effective alternative to surgery.

I am here to tell you that a surgery may not be necessary. Even if you weren’t considering surgery but have frequent chronic pain and immobility, PRP Therapy has a high success rate to repair knee injuries non-surgically. Surgery must always be a last resort options because of the risks involved as well as the many months of painful rehabilitation. Surgery injures your knee even worse due to the need of re-arranging muscle, tendon, and ligament tissue.

PRP Therapy is non-invasive and is applied as a simple injection. There are no hospital visits or overnight stays. This treatment is low-risk taking only about 3 hours to complete. It is done in-office and afterwards, you are free to resume normal activities.

Healing Chronic Pain and Complex Injuries

PRP Therapy is not only an effective alternative to knee surgery but also has high success rate among my patients to repair damaged knee tissue and is recognized as one of the the leading non-surgical treatment methods for orthopedic injuries and joint disease.
Dr. Bieber is a leading expert in PRP in New York also training young physicians at NYU Langone Medical Center and currently has two office locations in New York City.

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The Benefits Of PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is a dense organic plasma made from the body's platelets. Platelets are colorless blood cells responsible for repairing blood vessel damage. Dr. Bieber is able to create a dense plasma of platelets with it’s 30+ activated growth factors and re-inject a high concentration of platelets into the injury. Platelets then go to work repairing tissue and blood vessel damage that inevitably accelerates the knee's recovery process.

A PRP injection has a high success rate at non-surgically repairing complex injuries and halting joint disease. Celebrity Athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodgriguez are a few of the athletes that have praised the effect PRP has had on their playing ability.

Most Importantly

PRP Therapy offers a way to non-surgically treat orthopedic injuries and joint disease. In other words, you don't have to live in pain forever. This treatment can be used for those suffering with chronic pain or as a first alternative to surgery. With PRP, it is possible to repair an injury naturally.

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After treating tens of thousands of patients, Dr. Bieber is 100% convinced that PRP offers one of the the best opportunitis in medicine to non-invasivelly correct chronic pain and joint disease.

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