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As osteoarthritis progresses healthy joint fluid begins to break down. Without joint fluid your joints become sore and swollen. Think of a joint fluid as the joints shock absorbers if there is a less around or it is not working properly the joint starts to feel more pain and discomfort when you move throughout your day. Overtime as your joint fluid continues to break down cartilage wears away and bones may even start to rub against each other, causing increased pain and swelling.

Through a process called Viscosupplementation we use a special fluid which replaces your joints natural joint fluid. This is a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid that is FDA-approved. This non-drug therapy made from ultra-pure natural hyaluronic acid restores the natural joint fluid that cushions protects and lubricates the joint. With better cushioning your joint will function better and feel less pain. The treatment is given as an injection into your knee, shoulder, ankle, hip or wrist joint for four consecutive weeks. Pain relief can last for up to six months. All joint injections are performed under ultrasound guidance to provide 100 percent accurate placement of the treatment to the joint that is involved.

This joint fluid replacement is commonly used for the treatment of pain and osteoarthritis of the knee. However, this lubricating treatment may be used for other arthritic joints such as the ankle, hip, shoulder and wrist. If you are experiencing any joint pain Call or text our office for an appointment today (718) 835-0754