Bio Facial PRP Rejuvenation

Bio Facial PRP Rejuvenation
Bio Facial PRP Rejuvenation

Reverse The Signs Of Facial Aging

As we age, our facial tissue ages too. The breakdown of this cell tissue is the cause of many of the signs of aging including wrinkles and crow’s feet. Fortunately, there are non-surgical and natural treatment methods that repair damaged facial tissue and replace this damaged tissue with new and healthy cells. As a result, youthful glowing skin can be achieved non-surgically and without adding toxic chemicals to your face.

Bio Facial Rejuvenation is one of the most apt treatments to rejuvenate facial tissue because it applies a naturally occurring material derived from the body’s own healing cells. Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. applies PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy as a means to counter-act and reverse the facial signs of aging. PRP, applied to the face, stimulates the onset of new fibroblasts, collagen, and elastic that break down damaged facial tissue and regenerate healthy cells. The end result is reduced wrinkles and other facial signs of aging like tired eyes and crow’s feet.

PRP is derived from a blood sample during the procedure and then, using a special injection technique applied to the face. It contains over 30 growth factors to repair damaged cell tissue, which in effect, regenerates healthy tissue to replace and repair current aged tissue that is the cause of many of the signs of aging. Many skin areas are suitable for PRP treatment including forehead lines, eye circles, lip wrinkles, mouth frown, crow’s feet, and more.

This non-surgical treatment can be considered natural since the material used is derived simply from a blood sample. It is completed start-to-finish in our office. There are no hospital visits or overnight stays. You are allowed to leave once the procedure is finished and continue with your day.

Three Stages Of Rejuvenation

There are three stages of the healing process during Bio Facial Rejuvenation: Inflammation, Regeneration, and Remodeling. During the first stage, inflammation, fibroblasts enter the site and begin breaking down old cells. These fibroblasts are responsible for stimulating renewed healthy.

During the Regenerative stage, which lets for several weeks, the fibroblasts transform into myfibroblasts and new collagen is produced. In the final Remodeling stage, collagen is continually produced and also matures and strengthens. As a result, facial tissue is repaired, which rejuvenates the skin improving appearance and renewing the skin’s original youthful glow.

This treatment is an effective alternative to invasive Cosmetic surgery requiring only a simple needling-based injection technique. Platelet Rich Plasma is becoming the go-to non-surgical facial treatment because it applies platelets from the blood, a naturally occurring substance and therefore, there is little risk and is not made up of artificial chemically-based material.

Dr. Bieber has helped many people improve their appearance with what is known as the Vampire facial. Call (212) 268-8181 and schedule a consultation.

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