Cell Therapy (PRP and Stem Cells) To Reduce Arthritis Pain with Dr. Benjamin Bieber

Cell Therapy (PRP and Stem Cells) To Reduce Arthritis Pain with Dr. Benjamin Bieber
Cell Therapy (PRP and Stem Cells) To Reduce Arthritis Pain with Dr. Benjamin Bieber

Arthritis Treatment With PRP and Stem Cells

Arthritis is one of those medical conditions that has no cure. It causes millions of people pain is the U.S. everyday and medication only goes so far to treat the pain but can't reverse the condition of arthritis.

In over 30 years of seeing patients and after treating tens of thousands of patients, Dr. Benjamin Bieber is confident that PRP Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy offer the best current arthritis treatment to reverse the process of arthritis. Each type of Cell Therapy actually revives cartilage tissue growing new tissue that can be used as the “shock-absorbers” in the joint preventing bone-to-bone friction.

Benefits of Cell Therapy

As Cell Therapy regrows cartilage, it both reverses and halts the condition of arthritis as well as significantly reduces pain and increases the mobility of the joint. I have patients who have severe arthritis and after treatment, can do again the activities that they love. For example, one of my patients loves to run and has run multiple marathons in his lifetime. As he grew older, he developed arthritis in his feet and could barely walk. After one PRP treatment, his arthritis was minimized and he is able to run again. This is just one of many success cases that Dr. Bieber as a New York City doctor has had with Cell Therapy over the past few years.

The way Cell Therapy works is simple and easy to understand. Both PRP and Stem Cells are natural and already exist in the body. The main component of PRP, platelets, is a colorless blood cell used by the body to repair tissue and blood vessel damage. Stem Cells are another type of cell that have a vital role in the body. Stem Cells are neutral cells able to transform into any type of tissue the body requires. When Stem Cells are given a signal by the body, they become different forms of tissue such as muscle, ligament, and cartilage tissue. When there is a traumatic injury or a deteriorative condition such as arthritis, there aren’t enough Stem Cells or platelets (found in PRP) to fully heal the injury. This is where we come in!

Dr. Bieber applies a combination of Stem Cells and platelets from the patient’s own body and then re-injects these vital materials into the damaged area. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Stem Cells immediately go to work creating new healthy tissue and restoring damaged tissue like one's cartilage. Within weeks, there is a significant improvement in pain and mobility and the patient’s arthritis is halted.

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By Benjamin Bieber

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